Return to Koila

Formerly rich person Andrew Squervil is unsatisfied with his life. Currently, Andrew is unemployed and living in the apartment of his current girlfriend, Lethelia. Being unemployed doesn’t bother Andrew, as he finds the very idea of him working repulsive and offensive. And he finds Lethelia very attractive. But Andrew is unsatisfied nevertheless. He used to be rich. He misses being rich. He misses the mansion he used to live in. He misses the various other assets he used to have. He wants to regain his wealthy status.

Since being stripped of his wealthy status as a result of a lawsuit against him, Andrew has made many, many attempts to regain his wealthy status. All of the attempts ended badly for Andrew, some very badly. Andrew, who was born into a life of luxury, is only now beginning to realize how difficult it is to become rich.

Today, while Lethelia is away at work, Andrew is sitting on a couch in her apartment, watching television and feeling sorry for himself. He thinks about Koila, the beautiful woman who successfully sued him for his fortune. He wonders what his life would be like right now if he never met Koila. He thinks that he would most likely still be rich and still be living in a mansion. Now, thanks to the lawsuit, Koila is rich instead, and most likely enjoying all sorts of luxuries that were not accessible to her before the conclusion of the lawsuit.

Some time before the lawsuit, Andrew tricked Koila into falling in love with him. He had done this because he was trying to seduce her, and he knew that she would be more susceptible to him if she was in love with him. After getting what he wanted from her, he cruelly ended their relationship, revealing to her what a horrible person he really is.

Then Koila enacted a lawsuit against Andrew for financial compensation for the emotional distress he had allegedly caused her. Inexplicably, she won her lawsuit, becoming rich and making Andrew non-rich. To make matters worse for Andrew, he had had to sell his mansion and his other assets to have enough money to pay Koila the full amount of money the court had ordered him to pay.

Suddenly, an idea formulates in Andrew’s mind, an idea that never occurred to him before. He is thinking that, given that he once tricked Koila into falling in love with him, it is certainly possible that he could accomplish that again; that he could marry Koila for her money, the money that used to be his. Sure, like most of Andrew’s other former female companions, Koila hates Andrew now, but Andrew firmly believes that hate can easily be turned into love.

With a renewed determination, Andrew gets up from Lethelia’s couch to begin putting his plan into motion. Using Lethelia’s computer, he proceeds to do some computer research to find out anything about Koila that might aid him in his quest.

From his research, he learns something quite shocking: Koila’s current address. It is the address of the mansion Andrew used to live in before he was stripped of his wealthy status. For some reason, this infuriates Andrew.

From Andrew’s research, he also learns Koila’s current phone number. Using Lethelia’s phone, he places a call to Koila.

Koila answers her phone. “Hello?” she says.

“Koila, it’s Andrew Squervil,” Andrew says, trying to sound sad and desperate.

“What do you want?” Koila says in a tone that makes it clear she still despises Andrew.

“I need to meet with you,” Andrew says. “Can we meet somewhere?”

After a brief pause, Koila says: “Why do you want to meet?”

“I… I… I just need to talk with you,” Andrew says, trying to sound like an anguished, lovelorn fool overwhelmed with emotions. “And I think it would be better if we spoke in person.”

Andrew, who is physically attractive, knows Koila will be more susceptible to his charm if they meet face-to-face. Over the years, his physical attractiveness has enabled him to seduce many, many beautiful women.

“Okay… I guess,” Koila says, sounding reluctant and disinterested, though Andrew is certain that she is intrigued by his request to meet with her.

An hour later, Andrew meets Koila at a coffee shop. Andrew buys her and himself cups of coffee. They sit at a table.

“So what do you want?” Koila says, glaring at him.

“I… just want to apologize to you… for the emotional distress that I caused you,” Andrew says.

Andrew sees Koila’s eyes soften for a millisecond, betraying her inner feelings. He knows his plan is working, even though she is now glaring at him again, trying to appear unmoved.

“I’m not giving you the money back,” Koila says.

“I don’t want the money back,” Andrew says. “Being rich made me a horrible person. I would never want the money back. Losing all that money changed me. I gained a new perspective on life. I now realize how horrible I was, not just to you, but to all the women I seduced when I was rich. I now realize the error of my ways. I wish I could go back and undo all the emotional distress I caused you and those other women. I wish I could have actually been the ideal mate I was only pretending to be to complete my seduction of you. I wish I had gotten married to you and spent the rest of my life with you, in a committed, monogamous relationship. But I can’t go back and undo all my mistakes. All I can do is make you know how sorry I am and hope for your forgiveness.”

Later, in a nearby hotel room, Andrew completes his seduction of Koila.

Afterwards, they are laying on the hotel room’s bed.

Koila is grinning.

“What’s so funny?” Andrew says, trying to sound like a caring, loving boyfriend in a moment of playfulness.

“I have to tell you something,” Koila says.

“What?” Andrew says.

“I live in the mansion you used to live in,” Koila says.

“You do?” Andrew says, acting surprised and amused.

“Yes,” Koila says.

“Why?” Andrew says.

“I was doing it to spite you,” Koila says. “I hated you so much. After the lawsuit, I still had a desire to make you suffer. Taking your wealth away from you wasn’t enough. I wanted more. So I bought the mansion from the people you sold it to. I hoped that you would eventually find out about it, and that it would make you angry.”

“It probably would have, if I hadn’t become a better person,” Andrew says. “Now, I just find it funny. Ironic even.”

“Yes, it is ironic, isn’t it?” Koila says.

“You deserve the mansion, Koila,” Andrew says. “You deserve all the happiness in the world after how horribly I treated you. I hope you’re enjoying your mansion.”

“It doesn’t have to be just my mansion, Andrew,” Koila says. “It can be our mansion… if you want it to be.”

“Really?” Andrew says, sensing victory.

“Yes,” Koila says. “If you want it.”

“I want us, Koila,” Andrew says. “You and me. Together. Married. Will you marry me, Koila?”

“Yes!” Koila says. “Yes, Andrew! Oh yes! That’s all I’ve ever wanted from you!”

“I love you, Koila!” Andrew says.

“I love you, Andrew!” Koila says.

“Let’s get married today!” Andrew says.

“Today?” Koila says.

“Yes!” Andrew says. “I don’t want to deny ourselves the joy of marital bliss any longer!”

“Oh Andrew, that sounds lovely, but I really think we should wait a little,” Koila says.

“Oh,” Andrew says, trying to not appear annoyed and disappointed. “What for?”

“Well, I’d really like to have a proper wedding ceremony: a huge, extravagant event with all my friends and family in attendance,” Koila says. “And that would probably take several months to plan.”

“Oh,” Andrew says.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Koila says.

“No, of course not,” Andrew says, lying. “I just want to make you happy. And if that means having to wait several months to get married to you, then so be it.”

“Oh Andrew, you’re so wonderful,” Koila says. “Of course, just because we won’t get married until several months from now doesn’t mean we can’t start living like a married couple. I would love it if you moved into the mansion today.”

“Really?” Andrew says.

“Really!” Koila says.

Later that day, Andrew returns to Lethelia’s apartment to collect his belongings to take to Koila’s mansion. Lethelia is still away at work. After collecting his belongings, Andrew writes Lethelia a very cruel goodbye note, then leaves it on a table for her to find after she returns to her apartment. Then he leaves.

Later, Andrew arrives at Koila’s mansion. Much to Andrew’s surprise, Koila is not the only woman there. There is another woman there. She is very beautiful and is dressed like a maid.

“Andrew, this is my maid Tresella,” Koila says.

“Hello, Andrew,” Tresella says.

“Hello,” Andrew says, taking in Tresella’s beauty.

“Tresella is a live-in maid,” Koila says. “She’s available to us at all times.”

“At all times?” Andrew says.

“At all times,” Koila says.

“If there’s anything you want me to do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask,” Tresella says, speaking to Andrew.

Andrew is worried. He wants Tresella, but he doesn’t want to do anything that might mess up his plan to become rich by marrying Koila.

Andrew knows that it would not be difficult for him to seduce Tresella. Seducing beautiful women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

However, he has learned one thing that he is not good at is carrying on secret affairs without getting caught. He recalls how some of his previous attempts to marry a rich woman for her money ended badly for him after the rich woman he was trying to marry found out he had cheated on her with some other woman or women.

Andrew knows that it is not in his best interests to initiate a secret affair with Tresella, at least not before the wedding, before Andrew becomes legally entitled to Koila’s money, a huge portion of which Andrew will likely get to keep if he and Koila ever get divorced. He is determined to not potentially ruin his chance with Koila by getting involved with Tresella before the wedding. He knows that it will be difficult to continuously resist the urge to seduce Tresella between today and the far-off, to-be-determined wedding day, but Andrew is confident that he will not falter.

Now, in the mansion, Andrew and Koila are on a couch in the living room, kissing each other. While Andrew is kissing Koila, he opens one of his eyes to sneak a look at Tresella, who is nearby, dusting a lampshade.

Tresella sees Andrew looking at her. She smiles at Andrew. Then she winks at him.

And with that, Andrew is doomed.