Meeting Samantha

During an afternoon, Orvel enters a flower shop located far, far away from his home.

One of the flower shop’s employees, a beautiful woman named Samantha Sentera, is standing at the counter, absentmindedly listening to music playing on a nearby radio. Even though Orvel is the only other person in the flower shop right now, Samantha has not seemed to notice his presence.

Orvel walks up to Samantha, looking very, very surprised. “Sara?” he says. “Sara Sentera? Is that really you? I can’t believe you’re here! You live here now? I’m just visiting this town on my vacation. Wow, what are the odds that we would run into each other in this town of all places? This is amazing! I’m so happy to see you!”

Samantha, who appears bored and uninterested in anything Orvel has to say, slowly rolls her eyes, then responds: “I’m not Sara. I’m her sister Samantha.”

Orvel appears stunned. “Really?” he says. “You’re not joking?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Samantha says.

“Wow… this is amazing,” Orvel says. “Sara never told me she has an identical sister.”

“She has eight identical sisters,” Samantha says.

“Eight?” Orvel says, still acting surprised.

“Yes,” Samantha says.

“I can’t believe Sara never mentioned this to me,” Orvel says.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Samantha says. “I’m sure Sara would prefer it if people didn’t know she has any sisters. Sara hates all her sisters. And we all hate her, and each other.” Suddenly, Samantha gets an expression of mild interest on her face. “How do you know Sara?” Samantha says.

“She’s my ex-girlfriend,” Orvel says.

“Really?” Samantha says, with a hint of cruelty in her voice. “Did she dump you?”

“No, I dumped her actually,” Orvel says, lying.

“You dumped her?” Samantha says.

“Yes,” Orvel says.

“Wow, that seems so… unlikely,” Samantha says. “Why did you dump her?”

“She just wasn’t right for me,” Orvel says. “I mean, I found her beautiful. Very, very beautiful. But she was lacking in substance. She was just too… too…”

“Shallow?” Samantha says.

“Yes, shallow,” Orvel says.

“Yes, Sara always was very shallow, as I remember,” Samantha says, obviously pleased with Orvel’s assessment of her sister.

“I prefer women who are deep,” Orvel says. “Women who are into things like philosophy and politics and art.”

“I’m into art,” Samantha says.

“Really?” Orvel says, acting surprised.

“Yes,” Samantha says. “I like to paint pictures. I paint lots of pictures. I’ve even sold a few.”

“Wow,” Orvel says. “You must be really talented.”

“Not talented enough to make a living off it,” Samantha says. “That’s why I work in this horrible flower shop. I’m around flowers all day. And I hate flowers.”

“I’d love to see some of your paintings sometime,” Orvel says.

“How about tonight?” Samantha says.

“Okay!” Orvel says, hoping this isn’t just a dream.

Samantha writes down her home address on a piece of paper, then gives it to Orvel. “Stop by my place around 7,” she says. “I’ll show you my paintings.”

“Looking forward to it,” Orvel says, trying to not sound too excited. “See you then.”

Orvel leaves the flower shop, flowerless. He begins heading back to the motel he is staying at.

A few years earlier, Orvel saw a movie about a man who accidentally discovers a portal to an alternate universe. The alternate universe is much like the man’s own universe, with only subtle differences. In this alternate universe, he meets an alternate version of his ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend of his own universe hates him and wants nothing more to do with him, even though he is still in love with her. However, he manages to get this alternate version of her to fall in love with him and they live happily ever after.

After Sara dumped Orvel, Orvel thought about this movie often, wishing he could find an alternate version of Sara, a version that might love him back. Then he found out about the existence of Sara’s eight estranged, identical sisters. To Orvel, they are eight alternate versions of Sara, eight additional chances to get her to love him back. That is why he traveled to this town where Samantha Sentera lives. He is determined to win her love. I won’t screw things up with her this time, he thinks.

Back at the flower shop, Samantha’s boyfriend Heath enters. “Ready to go?” Heath says.

“I can’t go out with you tonight,” Samantha says.

“Why not?” Heath says.

“I’m having some loser come to my apartment tonight,” Samantha says. “He’s obviously very attracted to me, so I’m going to manipulate him into buying some of my paintings.”

Heath grins. “You’re so devious,” he says.

Heath and Samantha kiss each other.