Impending Doom

On a very exclusive private beach, there is a man named Andrew. He is laying on a very large beach towel. Also laying on the beach towel is a very beautiful rich woman named Gloria. There is a bottle of wine and two wine glasses between them. It is a beautiful day.

Gloria has a membership with this beach. Andrew is her non-rich guest. He is also her fiance.

Gloria opens the bottle of wine and begins pouring wine into the wine glasses. She hands one of the glasses to Andrew and takes the other glass for herself. Andrew and Gloria clink their glasses together, then drink the wine.

Then Andrew and Gloria begin kissing each other. It appears that Andrew is on the verge of finally achieving his goal of marrying a beautiful rich woman for her money. This is a happy time in Andrew’s life.

As Andrew and Gloria are kissing each other, he briefly thinks about his ex-girlfriend Riora, who Andrew cruelly left for Gloria. Now Andrew is thinking about all the women he seduced and manipulated and lied to and stole from to get to this point. He knows he is a charming person, and he used his charm to get what he wanted from those women. He enjoyed his time with some of them, but now they are all becoming a distant memory to him.

Elsewhere on the beach, there are five non-rich women. They are all women who Andrew seduced and manipulated and lied to and stole from. Their names are Lauren, Annette, Julia, Mindy, and Jan. They do not have memberships with this beach. They snuck on to the beach after learning Andrew was there. Unbeknownst to Andrew and Gloria, these five other women are watching Andrew and Gloria from afar with binoculars.

“He looks so happy,” Lauren says. “It almost makes me feel bad about what we’re going to do to him. Almost.”

“It was a great idea to get us all together to work on this revenge plan, Lauren,” Annette says. “There’s no way we would’ve been able to get revenge on Andrew without pooling our resources.”

“Why are we waiting?” Julia says. “Can’t we put our revenge plan into action now? I don’t think I can stand watching him make out with that rich hussy Gloria for a minute longer!”

“Be patient, Julia,” Mindy says. “Let Andrew have his fun for a little while longer. Let Andrew think, for a little while longer, that he’s won. It’ll make our revenge even more delicious.”

“Yes, be patient, Julia,” Jan says. “I know it’s frustrating to see Andrew with Gloria, but just keep in mind: soon, all of this will have been taken away from Andrew; soon, Gloria will want nothing more to do with Andrew.”

Gloria and Andrew have stopped kissing each other. They are now walking off the beach, heading back to Gloria’s mansion.

“They’re leaving,” Lauren says. “Presumably heading back to Gloria’s mansion to finish what they started.”

“Let’s put our revenge plan into motion,” Annette says.

The other four women nod in agreement. Lauren, Annette, Julia, Mindy, and Jan begin following Andrew and Gloria back to Gloria’s mansion.