A Dream

In the late evening, Orvel is sleeping in a bed in a motel room located far, far away from his home. The motel room is located in a town which, according to Orvel’s research results, is where a woman named Samantha Sentera lives. Orvel arrived in the town earlier tonight, exhausted. Desperately in need of sleep, the first thing he did upon arrival was check into the motel and go to sleep.

Now he is sleeping. And dreaming. In his dream, Orvel is standing in an open meadow that seems to go on forever in every direction, with no end in sight. The sky above Orvel is blue and cloudless.

In the distance, someone is running towards Orvel. It is a beautiful woman. She is barefoot and wearing a white dress and smiling at Orvel.

But it is not just any beautiful woman. She looks exactly like a woman Orvel used to have an affair with: Sara Sentera. Sara recently ended her affair with Orvel and got married to her boyfriend. Sara now wants nothing to do with Orvel.

The beautiful woman running towards Orvel in his dream also looks exactly like each of Sara’s identical sisters: Samantha and Sandra and Sustranna and Severia and Selena and and Sonya and Sabrina and Simona. Orvel only recently learned of the existence of these eight Sentera sisters who look exactly like Sara. Sara never mentioned them to him, nor has Orvel ever met any of them, only knowing what they look like from a photograph he saw. Upon further research, Orvel learned that, out of all of Sara’s identical sisters, Samantha lives the closest to him. Hence his reason for traveling to the town he is now in.

In Orvel’s dream, the Sentera sister reaches her destination: Orvel. They embrace each other.

“I love you,” Orvel says.

“I love you too, Orvel,” the Sentera sister says. “I love you so much.”

“Wait,” Orvel says. “Which Sentera sister are you?”

“Does it matter?” the Sentera sister says.

After a few seconds, Orvel says: “No. I suppose it really doesn’t matter.”

“Kiss me, Orvel,” the Sentera sister says. “Kiss me.”

As Orvel is leaning in to kiss her, a unicorn suddenly gallops by behind her.

“Oh no…” Orvel says. “No… not that. Please, not that.”

The Sentera sister is smirking now. “That’s right,” she says. “Unicorns aren’t real. Which means none of this is real either, Orvel.”

“No, please, not that!” Orvel says. “This has to be real! It has to be! I want you so badly!”

“This is all just a dream, Orvel,” the Sentera sister says. “And in real life, I will never love you back. Not if I’m Sara or Sandra or Severia or Sabrina or Sonya or Sustranna or Simona or Samantha or Selena. I will never love you back. Never.”

The Sentera sister fades away.

“Come back!” Orvel says. “Come back!”

Then Orvel wakes up, alone.