New Neighbor

Martin Pimbly is fed up with his friend Andrew Squervil. For quite some time now, Andrew has been living in the apartment of Martin and Martin’s girlfriend Pustilla. Andrew, who is unemployed, is staying in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment indefinitely and rent-free. Martin is increasingly annoyed by Andrew’s presence in the apartment. Martin wants his sleazy loser friend Andrew to move out.

Unfortunately for Martin, his girlfriend Pustilla will not allow Martin to evict Andrew from the apartment. Pustilla told Martin that evicting Andrew from the apartment would be too cruel. Pustilla has a very domineering effect on Martin. Martin always does whatever he can to accommodate Pustilla’s wants and needs. So Martin can’t evict Andrew from the apartment.

Martin has been hoping that Andrew would obtain employment and then, after accumulating enough income to support himself, move out of the apartment on his own volition. However, much to Martin’s frustration, Andrew hasn’t even been searching for a job. Andrew was born into a life of luxury. He was living such a life until being stripped of his wealthy status some time ago as a result of a lawsuit. However, that didn’t change Andrew’s view on employment. At a very early age, Andrew decided that he would never, ever work. Andrew finds the whole concept of employment repulsive and offensive.

Martin really wants to be free of Andrew, but Martin is having trouble figuring out a way to get rid of Andrew without displeasing Pustilla. Martin knows that the only way to accomplish this would be to create some kind of circumstances that would make Andrew want to move out on his own volition.

One day, while Martin is walking out of the apartment complex containing his and Pustilla’s apartment, he notices a moving van outside. Later, Martin notices a new name on the mailbox of the apartment next to his and Pustilla’s apartment. Later, while Martin is coming out of his apartment, he sees a beautiful woman about to enter the apartment next door.

The woman notices Martin. She introduces herself to him. Her name is Sofia. Sofia says that she recently moved into the apartment complex.

Martin is very nervous, as it is not common for him to be in a conversation with a beautiful woman. He nervously introduces himself to Sofia, then does his best to converse with her without appearing nervous.

After their conversation ends, Sofia goes into her apartment, and Martin goes on his way to where he is heading.

Martin is annoyed with himself. He is certain that Sofia now perceives him as an insecure, nervous wreck. Unlike Andrew, Martin is not at all good at attracting beautiful women. This inability frustrates Martin greatly, as he would gladly leave Pustilla for Sofia without hesitation if the opportunity presented itself.

But then Martin realizes that perhaps the beautiful Sofia’s presence in the apartment complex could still be capitalized on in some way. Though Martin is certain that he will never get to indulge in the sweet nectar that is Sofia, he thinks that perhaps he could use Sofia to motivate Andrew to move out of Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. Martin’s tentative plan is to somehow get Andrew and Sofia to start dating each other, and then get Andrew to move out of Martin and Pustilla’s apartment and into Sofia’s apartment.

So, the day after Martin met Sofia, he invites her to have dinner with Martin and Pustilla and Andrew in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. Sofia accepts Martin’s invitation.

Later, in the evening, in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment, Martin introduces Sofia to Pustilla and Andrew.

Andrew finds Sofia attractive. He intends to try to seduce her.

Seducing beautiful women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

Pustilla does not like Sofia. Pustilla dislikes all beautiful women. But she especially dislikes Sofia because Pustilla can already tell that Andrew and Sofia are quite attracted to each other.

Unbeknownst to Martin and Sofia, Pustilla has been cheating on Martin with Andrew. Which is Pustilla’s real reason for not allowing Martin to evict Andrew from the apartment.

Pustilla views Andrew as her personal plaything. Pustilla doesn’t want to share her plaything with any other women, including Sofia.

Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive. He is only having the affair with her to ensure that she has incentive to not evict him from the apartment, which, unfortunately for Andrew, is the best living option currently available to him.

During the dinner, Andrew and Sofia really hit it off, despite Pustilla’s efforts to make Sofia realize that Andrew is a sleazy, despicable loser who Sofia would be better off not getting involved with.

A few days later, while Martin and Pustilla are both away at their respective places of employment, Andrew completes his seduction of Sofia in Sofia’s apartment.

A few days after that, Andrew manipulates Sofia into asking Andrew to move in with her, thereby taking their relationship to the next level. Andrew moves out of Martin and Pustilla’s apartment and into Sofia’s apartment.

Sofia is very happy with this development. Thanks to Andrew’s lies and manipulations, Sofia incorrectly believes that Andrew is a good person; and that he is husband material; and that he intends to find employment soon so that he could help pay the bills, etcetera.

Andrew is also very happy with his transition to Sofia’s apartment, which is just as nice as Martin and Pustilla’s apartment, plus the added bonus of being devoid of Pustilla. It pleases Andrew greatly to think that he will never be with Pustilla again, except in his nightmares.

Martin, of course, is very happy with Andrew’s transition out of Martin and Pustilla’s apartment, even though it pains Martin to know that Andrew once again won the love of a woman Martin would have given anything to be with.

Pustilla, of course, is the one person who isn’t happy about Andrew’s transition out of her and Martin’s apartment and into Sofia’s apartment. Pustilla wants Andrew back. And she intends to get him back.

Pustilla places a phone call to her female friend Tartana. Tartana is a beautiful woman who Andrew has never met, and who is very, very promiscuous. Over the phone, Pustilla asks Tartana to do Pustilla a favor, one which Tartana will very much enjoy.

One day, while Sofia is away at her place of employment, she receives a phone call on her cellular phone. The anonymous caller, who is Tartana, tells Sofia that it would be in Sofia’s best interests to return home immediately. Then Tartana ends the phone call.

Back at Sofia’s apartment, Andrew is sitting on a couch and watching television and eating potato chips. Someone knocks on the apartment’s front door.

Andrew opens the front door. Standing before him is Tartana. She introduces herself. She says that she recently moved into the apartment complex and is going around to introduce herself to all her neighbors. Those are lies.

Some time later, Sofia returns to her apartment. Though she thinks the phone call she received was just a very strange crank call, she was not able to resist the urge to return home early.

In Sofia’s bedroom, Sofia walks in on Andrew having an intimate encounter with Tartana. Sofia is furious. She dumps Andrew and evicts him from her apartment. Andrew moves back into Martin and Pustilla’s apartment, much to Martin’s dismay and Andrew’s dismay and Pustilla’s delight.