Currently, as part of an attempt to become rich, sleazy person Andrew Squervil is working in the office environment of a large corporation. The corporation has a confidential document that Andrew could use to become rich. So he has obtained a job at the corporation to get access to that document, and steal it.

Unfortunately for Andrew, the document is well-hidden somewhere in the corporation’s records. Since beginning his employment at the corporation, Andrew has been discreetly searching for clues as to how to get to the document.

One day, Andrew learns that a female co-worker named Ferga knows the location of all of the corporation’s records, even the most well-hidden ones. Fortunately for Andrew, Ferga is madly in love with him and therefore susceptible to his manipulative, flirtatious behavior. Unfortunately for Andrew, he does not find Ferga attractive. But Andrew really wants that document. So, one evening, after all of the corporation’s other employees leave for the night, Andrew completes his seduction of Ferga in Ferga’s workspace. It was an odious task for Andrew, but one that he felt was necessary.

Afterwards, he successfully manipulates Ferga into telling him the location of the document he secretly intends to steal. The document is contained within an electronic folder in the corporation’s electronic database. Unfortunately for Andrew, Ferga mentions that the electronic documents are all password-protected, each requiring five different passwords, none of which Ferga knows.

Ferga mentions that there are five female co-workers who each know one of the passwords: Lauren, Jan, Annette, Julia, and Mindy. Andrew is familiar with these women. He finds them all attractive, which is good for him, as he intends to seduce each of those women to get the passwords.

Seducing beautiful women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

Andrew, believing Ferga is no longer of any use to him, tells her that their dalliance was a mistake; that it was inappropriate behavior for a workplace; that he respects her too much to try to continue this unprofessional behavior with her; that they should go back to just being work colleagues and forget this dalliance ever happened.

Ferga is heartbroken, but she sees Andrew’s mind is made up. “I will always love you, Andrew,” she says.

“And I will always love you, Ferga,” Andrew says, lying.

Over the next few weeks, Andrew initiates secret office affairs with Lauren, Jan, Annette, Julia, and Mindy. Each of the five women thinks that she is the only one Andrew is having a secret office affair with. Each of the five women has fallen madly in love with Andrew. Each of the five women incorrectly thinks that Andrew is madly in love with her.

Eventually, Andrew succeeds at manipulating each of the five women into sharing their password with him.

After getting the last password he needed, Andrew goes to one of the corporation’s computers and accesses the document he wants to steal. Using a nearby printer, he begins printing a copy of the document for himself.

At that moment, Lauren, Jan, Annette, Julia, and Mindy appear nearby. They have come from their monthly lunch that they have with each other every month. During that lunch, their conversation shifted to the topic of romance. And then, despite Andrew’s earlier efforts to convince each of the women that it was in their own best interests to keep the secret office affair a secret, one of the women, Julia, couldn’t resist her urge to reveal her secret office affair with Andrew to the other women. Outraged, the other four women then angrily revealed that they also have been having secret office affairs with Andrew. And now all five of the women are standing before Andrew to confront him.

And now the five women see the printed copy of the confidential document, and they realize that Andrew is trying to steal the document, and that he manipulated each of them to get this document.

Sensing trouble, Andrew grabs the printed document and begins running toward the nearest exit. The five angry women begin chasing him. They catch up to him and knock him down onto the hallway floor before he can make it to the exit. The document falls out of his hand. The five angry women form a circle around him. He desperately reaches for the document, but before he can grab them, one of the five women, Lauren, grabs the document. Andrew realizes that his plan has failed. The five angry women proceed to pummel Andrew mercilessly.