Job Interview

Today, sleazy person Andrew Squervil is sitting in an office of a large corporation, being interviewed for a job. It is very important to Andrew that he get this particular job. Andrew recently learned that somewhere in this corporation’s records is a confidential document that he could use to become rich. So Andrew wants to get this job so he will be able to get access the corporation’s records to steal the document.

The woman interviewing Andrew in a closed office is an overweight woman who Andrew doesn’t find attractive. For that reason, Andrew dislikes the woman, but he is acting charming and flirtatious toward her to manipulate her into giving him the job.

Unfortunately for Andrew, and much to his surprise, the woman says to Andrew: “Unfortunately, I’m really looking for a candidate with more experience.”

Andrew is shocked. He realizes that there is a strong possibility that he will not get the job, despite his charming, flirtatious behavior.

Andrew is desperate. So he resorts to doing something that he didn’t want to resort to doing: he seduces the woman interviewing him.

And that was how Andrew got the job.