Evil People In Space

In a movie theater, a movie is starting. The name of the movie is “Evil People In Space”. It is set in the distant future of an alternate universe, and stars an actress named Lililalaya. In the movie, Lililalaya plays a character named Fornia.

At the beginning of the movie, a blue, ball-shaped spaceship is moving through space. The only beings on the spaceship are a man named Nort and a beautiful woman named Minerka. Nort and Minerka are newlyweds. They are from the planet Dizeldorg. They are traveling to the planet Glorpa, where they are to have their honeymoon.

Nort is very much looking forward to the honeymoon. He very much wanted Minerka to be his wife. In fact, he wanted to be married to Minerka so badly that, unbeknownst to Minerka, he secretly murdered all her other suitors, then made their deaths look accidental.

Minerka is also looking forward to the honeymoon, but for a different reason than Nort’s. Unbeknownst to Nort, Minerka is cheating on Nort with another man from Dizeldorg. This other man is already on Glorpa, waiting for Nort and Minerka’s arrival. Minerka and this other man are planning to kill Nort on Glorpa, then make Nort’s death look accidental so that Minerka can become rich via a life insurance policy she had Nort sign.

However, on their way to the planet Glorpa, their spaceship comes across a much larger, purple, spider-shaped spaceship. The purple, spider-shaped spaceship swallows Nort and Minerka’s blue, ball-shaped spaceship with Nort and Minerka inside.

Inside the purple, spider-shaped spaceship, several mechanical hands appear. The hands are connected to long, mechanical arms, which are connected to the internal walls of the purple, spider-shaped spaceship. The mechanical hands collectively rip apart Nort and Minerka’s blue, ball-shaped spaceship, leaving nothing intact except Nort and Minerka themselves.

Following this destruction, Nort and Minerka find themselves alone in a vast, exotic-looking room within the purple, spider-shaped spaceship. Nort and Minerka are wondering where they are, and how they will escape from this strange place.

Then, a very beautiful woman enters the room. She introduces herself. Her name is Fornia. Fornia says that this is her spaceship; that no one else is on the spaceship; that Nort and Minerka are now guests on Fornia’s spaceship.

Although Nort and Minerka have been in Fornia’s company for only a few seconds, Nort and Minerka are both already deeply infatuated with Fornia.

Fornia invites Nort and Minerka to have dinner with her in the spaceship’s dining room. Nort and Minerka both gladly accept Fornia’s invitation.

Later, while Fornia and Nort and Minerka are dining at a table in the spaceship’s dining room, Fornia tells Nort and Minerka all about herself.

Fornia is from the planet Clee. She was the most beautiful woman on that planet. For that reason, many men and many women on the planet were trying to woo her.

One day, a male space traveler came to the planet Clee to woo Fornia. He had learned about her while on another planet, as Fornia’s beauty was well-known even beyond her home planet.

After introducing himself to Fornia, the space traveler said that he had been to many, many different parts of the universe; that, while on his travels, he had discovered many things; that his most recent discovery was a very rare elixir. While showing Fornia a bottle containing the elixir, the space traveler explained to Fornia that this elixir would transform whoever drank it; that whoever drank the elixir would become ageless and immortal.

The space traveler told Fornia that he hadn’t drank any of the elixir yet; that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to live forever; that that was why he had come to see Fornia; that he was propositioning her to drink the elixir with him and become his ageless, immortal companion. The space traveler said that if he could spend an eternity with Fornia, then living forever would be a worthwhile experience for him.

Fornia liked the idea of being ageless and immortal, but she had no interest in the space traveler. So, instead of accepting his proposition she knocked him unconscious, then stole the elixir, then drank a portion of it. The elixir made her ageless and immortal.

She kept the rest of the elixir, which she still has in her possession. Since then, Fornia has been searching for an ideal mate. She wants to find that mate, and then share the elixir with that mate, so that she and her ideal mate can be together forever. After failing to find an ideal mate on the planet Clee, Fornia decided to begin searching the rest of the universe for an ideal mate, hence her reason for currently being in space.

Fornia tells Nort and Minerka that, after their dinner has concluded, both of them will get the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of being Fornia’s ageless, immortal mate. Nort and Minerka are both eager to prove themselves worthy.

Later, Fornia tells Nort and Minerka that they are both amazing candidates; that Nort and Minerka are both far superior to all the other candidates who came before them.

Fornia says that her search for an ideal mate is over; that she has made a decision. Fornia says that she has chosen both Nort and Minerka; that both of them will get to be with Fornia for all eternity. Nort and Minerka are both so happy.

Fornia gives some of the elixir to Nort, and some of the elixir to Minerka. Nort and Minerka drink the elixir. They both become ageless and immortal.

For a while, Fornia and Nort and Minerka are all very happy together. But then Fornia becomes bored with Nort. She no longer wants him on her spaceship. Minerka is more than happy to help Fornia get rid of him. Fornia and Minerka forcibly remove Nort from the spaceship, dooming him to float in space for all eternity.