Deadly Tattoo

Andrew Squervil is having a bad day. Earlier today, he was dumped by a rich woman named Zotica. Andrew, who is not rich, had been trying to con Zotica into marriage to gain access to her wealth. But now Andrew realizes that his efforts were in vain. Zotica wants nothing more to do with him.

At the moment, Andrew is sitting in a crowded tavern, drinking an alcoholic beverage to drown his bitterness over his most recent failed attempt to marry a rich woman for her money.

While Andrew is sitting in the tavern, he is approached by another man. Andrew knows this other man. The other man’s name is Karl.

Karl used to be married to a beautiful woman named Velaina. Karl and Velaina used to live in a house together.

For a time, Andrew was staying at Karl and Velaina’s house. Karl and Velaina were letting Andrew stay there indefinitely and rent-free.

During that time, unbeknownst to Karl, Velaina was cheating on him with Andrew. Karl had some suspicions that Andrew and Velaina’s relationship wasn’t platonic, but Karl was never able to verify those suspicions.

Velaina and Karl’s marriage eventually ended. In light of the divorce, Karl moved out of the house, leaving Velaina and Andrew alone in the house together.

Since then, Karl has deluded himself into believing that his earlier suspicions of infidelity were incorrect; that he was just being paranoid; that Andrew and Velaina’s relationship really was strictly platonic; that Andrew had virtually nothing to do with the disintegration of Karl and Velaina’s marriage.

Because of this false belief, Karl now has no feelings of ill will toward Andrew. In the tavern, Karl gives Andrew a friendly greeting, then begins conversing with Andrew in a friendly manner.

Karl asks Andrew how Velaina is doing. Andrew says that he doesn’t know; that he no longer lives in the house, nor keeps in touch with Velaina.

That is true. Some time after Karl moved out of the house, Velaina dumped Andrew and evicted him from the house. Andrew has not seen or heard from Velaina since then.

Karl, who is drunk, says that he misses Velaina very much; that divorcing her was the biggest mistake of his life; that since the divorce, his life has been on a seemingly endless downward spiral.

Karl says that there are so many different things about Velaina that he misses: her hair; her pretty face; her legs; the very tiny, nearly invisible tattoo on her right upper inner thigh.

Andrew, who is also drunk, says that Karl is mistaken; that Velaina’s very tiny, nearly invisible tattoo is on her left upper inner thigh, not her right one.

Suddenly, Andrew realizes that he shouldn’t have said that. The alcohol caused him to speak before thinking. He wants to take back what he said.

But it is too late. Karl is staring at Andrew, infuriated. Karl demands to know how Andrew knows the correct location of Velaina’s tattoo.

Andrew tries to think of a believable lie to say. But he can’t.

Karl proceeds to pummel Andrew mercilessly.