Andrew and Riora’s First Date

Tonight, Andrew Squervil is on a date with a beautiful woman. This is very unusual.

It is unusual not because Andrew has any difficulties attracting beautiful women. In fact, he is actually quite good at that. Over the years, he has seduced many, many beautiful women.

Andrew being on a date with a beautiful woman is unusual because he usually doesn’t go on dates with the women he is trying to seduce. Andrew’s seductions of previous female conquests usually hadn’t required him to take the conquest on a date or dates beforehand.

Unfortunately for Andrew, the woman who he is currently on a date with and who he is trying to seduce is not as slutty as most of his previous female conquests. To complete his seduction of her will require more romantic effort on Andrew’s part, hence his reason for being on the date with her tonight.

The woman’s name is Riora. She met Andrew at a party hosted by her friend Pustilla and Pustilla’s boyfriend Martin. During the party, Riora became quite taken with Andrew. She found him handsome and charming. Before leaving the party that night, Riora gave Andrew a piece of paper containing her phone number.

Unbeknownst to Riora, after she left the party that night, Pustilla took the piece of paper from Andrew and subsequently destroyed it before Andrew could commit Riora’s phone number to his memory. Pustilla did this not out of any desire to protect her friend Riora from getting mixed up with a sleazy, despicable loser like Andrew. Unbeknownst to everyone but Andrew and Pustilla, Pustilla has been cheating on her boyfriend Martin with Andrew. Pustilla views Andrew as her personal plaything. She doesn’t want to share her plaything with any other women, hence Pustilla’s reason for destroying the piece of paper containing Riora’s phone number.

Andrew is a friend of Pustilla’s boyfriend Martin. Currently, Andrew is staying at Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. Martin and Pustilla are letting Andrew stay there indefinitely and rent-free.

Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive. He loathes every second that he is with her. To Andrew, Pustilla is like an unsavory meal that is agonizing to eat, and that always leaves a terrible taste in his mouth long after he eats it.

The only reason that Andrew is having the affair with Pustilla is to ensure that she has incentive to not evict him from the apartment, which, unfortunately for Andrew, is the best living option currently available to him.

Despite Pustilla’s attempt to thwart Andrew’s potential seduction of Riora, Andrew did not give up. He obtained Riora’s phone number via alternate means, and subsequently called Riora to set up the date that Andrew and Riora are now on.

The date started when Andrew picked Riora up at her apartment. During that brief period, Andrew got a glimpse of Riora’s apartment. From what Andrew saw, Riora’s apartment is far superior to Martin and Pustilla’s apartment in every way.

Prior to picking Riora up at her apartment, Andrew’s only intentions with Riora were to seduce her and to then discard her, much like he did to many other women after getting what he’d wanted from them.

However, now that Andrew saw Riora’s apartment, his plan became slightly modified. Andrew still wants to seduce her, but now he also wants to become her live-in boyfriend. He would much rather be living in Riora’s apartment than Martin and Pustilla’s apartment.

Of course, Andrew has no interest in ever getting married to Riora, who isn’t rich. Andrew has a goal to become rich. He plans to accomplish this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman for her money. Getting married to Riora would thwart any chance Andrew has of ever accomplishing his goal. However, Andrew sees no harm in becoming Riora’s live-in boyfriend. In that scenario, he could easily abandon her as soon as something better comes along, whereas marital dissolution is often much more difficult to accomplish.

At the moment, Andrew and Riora are entering a movie theater. As part of their date, they are going to see a movie together. Now they are sitting in the movie theater. On the gigantic screen that they are facing, the movie begins. It is a dark, depressing work of fiction about an evil married couple on a spaceship in space who meet an evil, beautiful woman who gives the couple the opportunity to become ageless and immortal. Riora doesn’t like the movie.

Later, Andrew escorts Riora back to her apartment. He asks Riora if he can come in. Riora tells Andrew that, while she has enjoyed getting to know him, she thinks it would be best if they would be just friends. Riora kisses Andrew on his left cheek, then bids him farewell, then closes her apartment’s door on him, thereby dooming Andrew to continue being with Pustilla.