A Proposal and a Seduction

Today, in a bedroom that is in a mansion that is on an island that is in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, the world’s most beautiful woman, who is the mansion’s owner and the island’s queen, is sitting in front of a mirror and brushing her perfect hair. She is getting ready for a date with one of her many, many suitors.

Elsewhere, in a nightclub that is in a country that is in another part of the world, Andrew Squervil is having a conversation with a beautiful woman named Gwendola. Andrew met her only moments earlier.

The nightclub is located in a very upper-class neighborhood. Because of the nightclub’s location, the nightclub is frequently populated by rich, single women. Andrew is aware of this.

Andrew, who is not rich, has a goal to become rich. He plans to accomplish this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman for her money. Which is why Andrew is currently in the nightclub, talking with Gwendola. From the conversation that Andrew is having with Gwendola, Andrew learns that Gwendola is a rich, single heiress. Andrew intends to seduce Gwendola, then con her into marriage to gain access to her wealth.

Back on the island, the island’s queen is on the date with the suitor. Though the queen finds the suitor attractive, she can already tell that he isn’t the type of man she would ever consider getting married to.

Contrastingly, the suitor is, of course, madly in love with the queen. He intends to issue a marriage proposal to her.

Back at the nightclub, Gwendola is finding Andrew quite attractive. She invites him to come with her to her mansion, which is nearby.

Andrew and Gwendola leave the nightclub together.

Back on the island, while the queen and her suitor are still on their date, the suitor asks her to marry him.

The queen declines his marriage proposal.

Had the queen accepted the marriage proposal, Andrew Squervil might have avoided the truly terrible, seemingly endless punishment awaiting him in the future. But the queen declined the suitor’s marriage proposal. Unbeknownst to the queen and her suitor and Andrew, the queen’s declination of the marriage proposal is the worst thing that happened to Andrew today.

In Gwendola’s mansion, Andrew completes his seduction of Gwendola.

Afterwards, Andrew tells Gwendola that he is interested in seeing her again; perhaps going out on a proper date with her.

Gwendola tells Andrew that, though she very much enjoyed their intimate encounter, she has no interest in seeing him again; that she would never get seriously involved with an obviously sleazy loser like Andrew.

Feeling defeated, Andrew exits Gwendola’s mansion. Now he is walking home, wondering if he will ever succeed at marrying a rich woman for her money.

At no point during his walk home does Andrew suspect that Gwendola’s rejection of him isn’t even the worst thing that happened to him today.