Journey to the Shoe Closet

Tonight, Andrew Squervil is visiting a crowded nightclub that he knows is a popular hangout spot for rich, single women. Andrew, who is not rich, is hoping to meet a rich, single, preferably beautiful woman who he could seduce and subsequently marry for her money.

While Andrew is in the nightclub, he meets a beautiful woman named Prettia. During Andrew’s conversation with Prettia, she tells him that she is rich and single. Thinking that Prettia is a woman he could potentially con into marriage, Andrew proceeds to try to seduce her. Seducing beautiful women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

Prettia finds Andrew charming and attractive. She invites Andrew to come with her to her mansion. Prettia and Andrew leave the nightclub together. Andrew thinks that his days of being non-rich are finally almost over.

Later, Prettia and Andrew arrive at Prettia’s mansion. Andrew thinks the mansion is absurdly large for just one person, but he doesn’t make anything more of it.

Prettia leads Andrew upstairs, into the mansion’s master bedroom. The bedroom has some framed, expensive-looking paintings hanging on its walls, but appears to be devoid of photographs of any kind.

Prettia lays on the gigantic bed that is in the center of the bedroom. She invites Andrew to join her there.

As Andrew is about to join Prettia on the bed, he and Prettia both hear the very loud sound of the mansion’s front door being opened and then closed. Prettia suddenly looks very worried.

She looks out the bedroom’s window. Curious, Andrew looks out the window too. He sees a very expensive-looking car parked in front of the mansion, a car that definitely was not parked there before, when Andrew and Prettia arrived at her mansion.

Prettia says that the car belongs to her husband; that the out-of-country business trip he was supposed to be on must have ended early; that he must have come home early without telling her to surprise her, as he often does in these situations.

Prettia, who is in a panicked state, is now frantically pulling out various framed photographs that she hid under her bed. The photographs are all of Prettia and a very large man, presumably her husband. Now Prettia is hanging the various photographs on the bedroom’s walls, presumably in the same spots she took them down from after her husband left on his business trip.

Speaking in a low whisper, Prettia tells Andrew that he needs to hide somewhere before her husband comes upstairs and into the bedroom; that if her husband finds Andrew here, her husband will pummel him mercilessly.

Prettia goes over to where the bedroom’s only closet is. The closet’s door is made of steel and looks very impenetrable. Prettia unlocks the closet door, then opens it. Speaking in a low whisper, she tells Andrew to hide in the closet.

Andrew looks at the closet. It is packed with an absurdly large amount of women’s shoes. Thanks to the presence of those shoes, there is barely any space left in the closet for Andrew. It looks like it is going to be a very uncomfortable hiding spot.

As Andrew is about to suggest to Prettia that he hide somewhere else instead, Prettia pushes him into the closet, then closes the closet’s door.

Andrew already feels incredibly uncomfortable in the closet. In fact, he feels so uncomfortable that he decides he would rather leave the closet and run the risk of being pummeled by Prettia’s husband than endure the discomfort of the shoe-filled closet any longer. He opens the closet’s door.

However, before he can leave the closet, Prettia immediately closes the closet’s door again. Then she locks it.

Then Prettia’s husband enters the bedroom. Andrew, who is looking through a very, very tiny hole in the closet’s door, gets a good look at Prettia’s husband. The husband looks even larger and more intimidating than he does in the photographs. Andrew decides that it is probably for the best that he is in the closet and not out there.

Prettia’s husband and Prettia kiss each other. Prettia asks her husband why he is back from his business trip earlier than expected. Prettia’s husband says that he missed Prettia, so he decided to end his business trip early and return home.

Prettia’s husband says that he didn’t return home empty-handed though; that, on his way home, he obtained a gift for Prettia: two tickets for a weekend cruise; that the cruise will take them to an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world.

Prettia is delighted. She very much likes cruises.

Prettia asks her husband when they will be going on this cruise. Her husband says that the cruise is to begin tonight, in just a few hours. He says that, in order to make it to the cruise ship on time, they will have to pack and leave immediately. Prettia’s husband says that he would have given her advance notice, but he wanted the cruise to be a pleasant surprise for her.

Excited, Prettia begins to pack for the cruise. Her husband begins to pack for the cruise as well.

Prettia and her husband leave the mansion together. They get into her husband’s car. Prettia’s husband begins driving them to the pier where the cruise ship is.

On their way there, Prettia is trying to remember whether she unlocked the door of her shoe closet so that Andrew could leave after she and her husband left. She remembers wanting to unlock the door, but she can’t remember whether she actually did it. She decides that she probably did.

She didn’t. And that was how Andrew ended up trapped in Prettia’s shoe closet.