In the Shoe Closet

Currently, despicable person Andrew Squervil is trapped in a woman’s shoe closet. This is the disastrous result of his most recent attempt to marry a rich woman for her money.

The shoe closet that Andrew is trapped in belongs to a beautiful rich woman named Prettia. Prettia’s shoe closet is part of her bedroom, which is part of her mansion.

Prettia isn’t around at the moment. She will not be back for several days. Andrew is the only person in the entire mansion.

Andrew tried and tried and tried to free himself from Prettia’s shoe closet, but he could not open or break the closet’s locked steel door. His only hope is that someone else will free him from the shoe closet. Until then, Andrew has no choice but to remain in Prettia’s shoe closet, which, due to the absurdly large amount of women’s shoes in the closet, is very limited in space, and thus very uncomfortable for Andrew.

At the moment, Andrew is eating one of Prettia’s many, many leather shoes. It tastes terrible, but Prettia’s leather shoes are the only edible things in the closet, and he is very hungry.

Andrew does have one source of entertainment available to him throughout this shoe closet imprisonment: Prettia’s alarm clock radio, which is in her bedroom and outside of the shoe closet. The alarm clock radio is set to go on at a certain time every morning, and will play indefinitely until someone manually turns it off. The alarm clock radio went on this morning and has been playing ever since, giving Andrew something to listen to, though it isn’t distracting enough to make Andrew forget about how cramped he feels, nor does the alarm clock radio cause him to forget the pain that he is feeling, thanks to the various sharp stiletto heels that are continuously pressing against him, no matter which way he shifts his body.

Now an announcer on the radio station that the alarm clock radio is currently set to is issuing a special announcement for its listeners: that the radio station is going out of business. The announcer thanks its listeners for their years of support, then bids them farewell. The alarm clock radio becomes silent, leaving Andrew without any distractions from his misery.