Dinner Party

During an evening, in the apartment of Martin Pimbly and his girlfriend Pustilla, Martin and Pustilla are hosting a dinner party. Most of the party’s guests are Pustilla’s female friends, and boyfriends of Pustilla’s female friends, and husbands of Pustilla’s female friends.

Also attending this party is Martin’s male friend Andrew Squervil. Andrew’s guest status in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment is different from that of the other party guests in that Andrew is currently dwelling in the apartment. Martin and Pustilla are letting Andrew stay there indefinitely and rent-free. For that reason, unlike the other party guests, Andrew won’t be leaving the apartment at the end of the party.

Martin, who secretly dislikes Andrew, isn’t keen on the idea of his sleazy loser friend Andrew staying at Martin and Pustilla’s apartment indefinitely and rent-free. However, Pustilla insisted on it for some reason, and Martin always goes along with whatever Pustilla wants.

Unbeknownst to Martin, Pustilla has been cheating on him with Andrew, hence Pustilla’s reason for keeping Andrew in the apartment.

Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive. He is only having the affair with her because he wants her to have incentive to not evict him from the apartment, which is the best living option currently available to him.

Andrew hates being with Pustilla. He often goes through great lengths to avoid that odious task.

Unfortunately for Andrew, Pustilla has a seemingly insatiable appetite for him. She carries on her affair with Andrew whenever the opportunity presents itself. Tonight, at the moment, while Pustilla and Martin and all their guests are sitting at a table and having dinner together, Andrew feels Pustilla’s left foot pressing against him underneath the table. At the moment, Pustilla is pouring Martin another glass of a very strong wine, which, as Pustilla knows, will cause Martin to fall into a very deep sleep later tonight, a sleep so deep that not even Pustilla’s loudest screams of joy will wake him up prematurely. Since Andrew moved into the apartment, Pustilla has been providing Martin with glasses of this very strong wine quite regularly.

After moving into the apartment, Andrew very quickly grew to despise that wine. Seeing its presence here at the table tonight, Andrew knows what it means; what Pustilla wants to do with him tonight after all the other guests leave and after Martin falls asleep.

However, Andrew sees the presence of the party guests as an opportunity to avoid being with Pustilla tonight. His plan is simple: convince as many guests as possible to stay in the apartment overnight rather than return to their homes. Andrew knows that Pustilla wouldn’t dare try to carry on her affair with him while any of the other party guests are still in the apartment.

After Pustilla and Martin and the party guests finish eating dinner, some of the guests begin getting ready to leave. Andrew insists that they all stay for coffee and dessert; that it won’t be a true dinner party without coffee and dessert. So all the guests stay to have coffee and dessert.

After Pustilla and Martin and the party guests have coffee and dessert, some of the guests begin getting ready to leave. Andrew insists that they all stay for another round of wine. Despite Andrew’s insistence, nearly all the guests politely decline his suggestion and then leave, much to Andrew’s dismay.

The only people remaining in the apartment now are Andrew, Martin, Pustilla, and Pustilla’s single, attractive female friend Riora. Andrew, who is quite fond of attractive women, was so preoccupied with trying to avoid being with Pustilla tonight that he did not notice the lovely Riora’s loveliness. Riora, however, noticed Andrew, and is very much interested in getting to know him better, hence her reason for staying for another round of wine.

Now, Andrew, Martin, Pustilla, and Riora are having their glasses of wine in the apartment’s living room, where they are all sitting on the couch there. Andrew, who has come to realize that Riora is interested in him, is sitting next to her, talking with her, flirting with her, trying to have the same charming effect on Riora that he has had on so many other beautiful women. Riora does find Andrew charming. She gives Andrew many indications that his flirtatious behavior is quite welcome.

Pustilla has noticed the flirtatious behavior going on between Andrew and Riora. Pustilla does not like it one bit. As far as Pustilla is concerned, Andrew is her plaything and no one else’s. Pustilla has no interest in sharing Andrew with anyone else, especially not her friend Riora, who Pustilla secretly dislikes.

Pustilla gets up. She goes into another room to make a phone call.

While Martin begins to fall into a drunken sleep, Andrew continues flirting with Riora. Seeing how susceptible she seems to be to his charms, Andrew suggests that, instead of going home, she stay here in the apartment overnight.

Riora, who isn’t as slutty as Andrew thinks, laughs. She declines his suggestion. She says that it probably isn’t a good idea.

Andrew insists that it is a good idea that she stay in the apartment overnight; that it is too dangerous for her to be traveling back to her home at this time of night.

Riora laughs again. She points out that it isn’t that late. She points out that it is still light outside.

Andrew continues trying to persuade Riora into staying in the apartment overnight. Just when it seemed like Riora is about to change her mind, Pustilla enters the living room. “I called a cab for you, Riora,” Pustilla says. “It will be arriving shortly to take you back to your apartment.”

A few minutes later, the cab arrives. Riora gives Andrew a piece of paper containing her phone number. “Call me soon, Andrew,” Riora says. Then she leaves.

Martin is on the couch, in his deep sleep.

Pustilla takes the piece of paper containing Riora’s phone number from Andrew. Pustilla tears the piece of paper into many, many smaller pieces.

Andrew follows Pustilla into Pustilla and Martin’s bedroom. In the bedroom, Pustilla proceeds to carry on her affair with Andrew. Andrew tries to imagine that Pustilla is Riora, but he can’t make it happen.