A Haircut

During an afternoon, in a unisex barber shop, one of the barber shop’s attractive female employees is on duty. Her name is Minga. Currently, Minga is the only person in the barber shop. All of its other employees are off today, and there are no customers there at the moment.

Then Andrew Squervil enters the barber shop, intending to get a haircut. This is Andrew’s first time in this barber shop. He used to get his haircuts at a different unisex barber shop, but that barber shop recently underwent a massive staff turnover, resulting in the replacement of all of the barber shop’s attractive female employees with unattractive women. For that reason, Andrew sees no point in continuing to go there for haircuts. So he is trying out this new barber shop instead. Looking at Minga, Andrew likes what he sees in this barber shop thus far.

Andrew has already decided that, after receiving his haircut, he will try to seduce Minga. Seducing beautiful women has never been much of a challenge for Andrew. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

Andrew tells Minga that he wants a haircut. Minga, who is very surprised to see Andrew, has him sit in one of the barber chairs. She begins cutting his hair.

The reason that Minga is very surprised to see Andrew is that, unbeknownst to Andrew, she and Andrew had an intimate encounter several years ago, and that, afterwards, Andrew told Minga that he did not want to see her ever again, now that he’d gotten what he’d wanted from her. So Minga, who was very hurt and angered by Andrew’s disposal of her, did not expect to ever see Andrew again.

Minga is still very angry with Andrew for how he treated her, and the fact that he now clearly doesn’t even remember her infuriates Minga even more.

However, Minga does not remind Andrew of their shared past. Instead, she quietly cuts his hair, quietly getting her revenge.

Minga finishes cutting Andrew’s hair. From what Andrew can see in the mirror he is facing, it seems like she did a very good job.

After paying Minga for the haircut, Andrew attempts to seduce Minga, but she rejects him. Andrew finds this rejection inexplicable, but he leaves the barber shop without pursuing the matter further.

Unbeknownst to Andrew, Minga shaved a very, very offensive word into the back of Andrew’s head. It is unquestionably the most offensive word ever created, and the only word that has the power to deeply offend any person, regardless of that person’s age, gender, race, or religion. And now it is shaved into the back of Andrew’s head.

As Andrew is walking down a crowded street, many people are noticing the word, instantly becoming deeply offended by it. For reasons Andrew doesn’t understand, many, many people are coming toward him. Some are cursing at him. Others are asking why he would choose to put such a horrible word on the back of his head. And as this mob of people are closing in on Andrew, he suddenly remembers the intimate encounter he had with Minga several years earlier. For a very brief millisecond, Andrew feels satisfied by the knowledge that, despite his failure to seduce Minga today in the barber shop, he succeeded in seducing her after all. Then his feeling of satisfaction disappears as he returns his focus to where he is and what is about to happen to him. The mob of angry people proceed to pummel Andrew mercilessly.