Return to Pustilla

During an evening, in the apartment of Martin Pimbly and his girlfriend Pustilla, Martin and Pustilla hear someone knocking on the front door. Pustilla, who is laying on the couch in the living room, tells Martin, who is much farther away from the front door, to answer it. Martin does as he was told.

Much to Martin and Pustilla’s surprise, the person who knocked on the front door is Martin’s sleazy friend Andrew Squervil. Andrew’s presence at the front door is a surprise to both Martin and Pustilla because they both thought Andrew had died. More specifically, Martin and Pustilla thought Andrew had drowned in an ocean as a disastrous result of a poorly-thought-out attempt to become rich. Andrew explains that he did not drown; that he just ended up stranded at sea; that he only very recently returned to this country that he, Martin, and Pustilla live in.

Pustilla, who got up from the couch upon realizing that it was Andrew at the front door, hugs Andrew and tells him that she is thrilled that he isn’t dead after all. Martin expresses similar sentiments even though he secretly dislikes Andrew and was more than fine with the idea of Andrew being dead.

Prior to getting stranded at sea, Andrew was staying at Pustilla and Martin’s apartment. Pustilla and Martin were letting Andrew stay there indefinitely and rent-free. Martin wasn’t keen on the idea of letting Andrew stay at his and his girlfriend’s apartment, but Pustilla insisted on it for some reason, and Martin always goes along with whatever Pustilla wants.

Now, Andrew is asking Pustilla and Martin if they will let him resume living in the apartment, now that he is back. Pustilla responds with an enthusiastic yes. So it is decided.

Pustilla tells Andrew that she and Martin are about to sit down in the dining room and have dinner, and that Andrew should join them. Andrew follows Pustilla and Martin into the dining room, doing as he was told by Pustilla.

While Andrew, Pustilla, and Martin are sitting at the table in the dining room and having dinner, Andrew thinks that not much about Martin and Pustilla had changed since Andrew last saw them: Martin is still a loser; Pustilla is still monstrously unattractive, with a face that could crack a mirror, along with the equally repulsive other parts of her; Pustilla is still a cruel, domineering girlfriend to Martin; and Martin is still her domineered boyfriend.

Pustilla pours Martin a glass of a very strong wine that he is particularly fond of, even though his body has little tolerance for it. Undoubtedly, drinking just one glass of this wine will cause Martin to go into a deep sleep for many, many hours. Martin knows this, but he drinks the glass of wine anyway, as he is quite fond of it.

Knowing the effect that the wine is having on Martin, Pustilla pours him a second glass of the wine and insists that he drink it. Martin does as he was told by Pustilla.

Pustilla has not poured herself a glass of this wine, nor has she poured such a glass for Andrew. Martin hasn’t noticed this, and even if he did, he is too much of an oblivious idiot to suspect that Pustilla has a very specific reason for not having herself or Andrew indulge in the sleep-inducing wine.

Andrew is familiar with the wine. He knows the effect the wine will have on Martin. Andrew also knows why Pustilla gave the wine to Martin and only Martin. Andrew hates both the wine and Pustilla so much.

Underneath the table, unbeknownst to Martin, Pustilla’s left foot is pressing against Andrew. Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive, but he wants her to have incentive to not evict him from the apartment, as it is by far the best living option currently available to Andrew. For that reason, unbeknownst to Martin, Andrew begins massaging Pustilla’s left foot underneath the table. Andrew knows that tonight, after Martin falls into a very deep, wine-induced sleep, Pustilla will want to resume cheating on Martin with Andrew. And, because of Andrew’s desire to stay at the apartment until something better comes along, Andrew knows that tonight, he will give Pustilla what she wants, much like he did many, many times during his previous stay at Pustilla and Martin’s apartment.

Pustilla raises her glass, which, like Andrew’s glass, contains only water. Pustilla proposes a toast to whatever higher power it was that brought Andrew back from the sea, and back to the one place that Andrew truly, truly belongs in. Martin thinks the place Pustilla is referring to is the apartment, but Andrew knows Pustilla is actually referring to herself. Martin raises his empty glass, because that is what Pustilla wants. Feeling miserable and defeated, Andrew raises his half-empty glass.