Journey to Ilgana’s Island

Journey to Ilgana's Island.jpg

Currently, despicable formerly rich person Andrew Squervil is stranded at sea. This situation is the result of Andrew’s most recent failed attempt to become rich again.

At the moment, Andrew is laying on top of a large log that is floating in an ocean located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world. There is no land nor boats in sight. After being separated from the cruise ship that brought him to this ocean, Andrew eventually was brought by the ocean’s waves to this floating log, which he is now relying on to prevent himself from drowning.

Andrew sees a dead fish floating nearby. He grabs it and begins eating it. Since becoming stranded at sea, he has been satisfying his body’s need for food and water by drinking ocean water and eating whatever dead fish and seaweed happen to float by. As Andrew expected, the dead fish he is currently eating tastes terrible, but he continues to eat it anyway.

The idea of eating something that he knew would taste terrible reminds Andrew of a woman named Pustilla. Pustilla is the girlfriend of Andrew’s friend Martin Pimbly. Martin and Pustilla live together in an apartment. Prior to going on the cruise that brought him to this ocean, Andrew was staying at Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. Martin and Pustilla were letting Andrew stay there for free. Unbeknownst to Martin, Andrew was carrying on a secret affair with Pustilla. Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive, but he was carrying on the affair with her so that she would have incentive to not evict him from the apartment. Andrew hated being with Pustilla. He thinks that, assuming he never escapes from his current situation, the only good thing to come out of his getting stranded at sea is that he will never be with Pustilla again, except in his recurring nightmare. Andrew vows to himself that, if he ever gets back to civilization, he will have dalliances with only women he finds attractive.

A few days later, while Andrew is sleeping on the log, it begins drifting toward a very large island. A little later, Andrew is woken up by a sharp pain in his right arm. Both he and the log are laying on a beach, only a few feet away from the ocean. Standing around Andrew and looking down at him are 5 stunningly beautiful bikini-clad women. One of the women is poking Andrew’s right arm with a long stick, trying to wake Andrew up, inadvertently causing the sharp pain in his right arm. Upon realizing he is awake, she stops poking him.

The 5 women look equally confused by Andrew’s presence. They also look quite disgusted by Andrew. Even though Andrew is a very attractive man, the many days he spent stranded at sea have caused him to look quite unsightly.

One of the women ask the others what they should do with him. Another one of the women says they should bring him to Ilgana and let her decide what to do with him. The 5 women collectively pick Andrew up and begin carrying him somewhere.

As Andrew is being carried, he notices dozens of other stunningly beautiful bikini-clad women sunning themselves on the beach. Andrew has never seen this many beautiful women in one place before. He briefly wonders if he has died and been granted access to some kind of wonderful afterlife. Now Andrew is being carried through what appears to be the street of a village. He notices many, many more stunningly beautiful women on this street. Since arriving on this island, Andrew has thus far not seen a single person who isn’t a stunningly beautiful woman. Andrew still has no idea where he is, but he has ascertained that it is a paradise of some kind.

Andrew is now being carried toward a very large castle. Andrew is now being carried into the castle. From what Andrew can see, its interior is much more modern-looking than its exterior. The castle’s interior very much reminds Andrew of the mansion he used to live in before he was deservedly stripped of his wealthy status.

The 5 women who found Andrew deposit him on to the floor. One of the women calls out for Ilgana. Andrew sees another woman coming down a very long nearby staircase. Unlike every other woman Andrew has seen on the island thus far, the woman coming down the staircase is not someone Andrew finds attractive. Quite the opposite actually. Andrew thinks that her face, as well as every other part of her, could crack a mirror. The woman, who is now at the bottom of the staircase, introduces herself as Ilgana.

Ilgana asks the 5 other women where they found Andrew. One of them responds that they found him washed up on the beach. Andrew explains how he got stranded at sea, omitting the parts of that story that demonstrate what a sleazy, despicable person he is.

Andrew asks Ilgana where he is. Ilgana tells Andrew that she is a very, very wealthy heiress; that this entire island belongs to her; that many, many years ago, as a way of sustaining and growing her wealth, she purchased this island and turned it into a very exclusive, very top-secret resort for female models, and female models only; that, since the resort’s inception, thousands of female models have paid Ilgana to be granted access to the resort, where the models could escape the stressors that come from being a female model. Ilgana tells Andrew that every female model who visits the island resort returns from it completely relaxed and completely refreshed and ready to handle all challenges awaiting them.

Ilgana tells Andrew that the exclusivity of the island resort is a key element of maintaining the specialness of the place; that the resort would be ruined if other people, particularly men, were granted access to it; that, for that reason, the island’s existence is not known to most people, and the island’s location does not appear on any maps; and that, in order to maintain the island’s secrecy, Ilgana makes all of the female models visiting the island sign contracts agreeing to not tell other people about the island’s existence; and that any female model who violates their contract will be subjected to a very severe financial penalty.

Ilgana tells Andrew that his arrival on the island creates a problem for her; that, because he is aware of the island’s existence, and because he is not bound to any confidentiality contract like the female models are, she can not allow him to leave the island; that, in order to prevent him from potentially revealing the island’s existence to other people, she will have to keep him confined to this island for the rest of his life.

Andrew’s eyes begin to water, but his tears are of joy, not sadness. Since being stripped of his wealthy status, he has suffered so much, in many different ways. But now he is convinced that his days of suffering are now behind him; that he is going to get to spend the rest of his life on an island full of stunningly beautiful women. Andrew tells Ilgana that he accepts her decision; that he will do his best to adjust to his new circumstances; that he will try to make the best of the situation; that he will try to be a valuable addition to her island, including doing whatever he can to help make each visiting female model’s experience on this island as pleasurable as possible.

Ilgana laughs. “You don’t seem to fully comprehend the situation you are in,” she says, speaking to Andrew. Ilgana tells Andrew that she is a woman who very much values monogamy; that she would never want to be directly or indirectly responsible for the dissolution of a monogamous relationship between 2 people. Ilgana tells Andrew that many of the female models visiting the island are in committed, monogamous relationships with boyfriends or husbands; and that, in order to prevent those female models from being tempted to cheat on their significant others with Andrew while visiting the island, Andrew will have to be contained somewhere where he will never be able to have any contact with the female models. Ilgana tells Andrew that, although his life will be very unpleasant from here on out, he can comfort himself with the knowledge that his confinement is helping to protect the sanctity of many, many monogamous relationships.

“Bring him downstairs to the dungeon,” Ilgana says, speaking to the 5 women who found Andrew.

Andrew begins to object to what is happening to him. Realizing that Andrew will not go to the dungeon voluntarily, one of the 5 women who found Andrew hits him on the head with a large object, causing him to become unconscious.

A little later, Andrew is woken up by a sharp pain in his right arm. He is laying on the floor inside an unpleasant-looking, locked prison cell. Standing outside the cell and looking down at Andrew through the cell’s metal bars are Ilgana and the 5 women who found Andrew. One of the 5 women who found Andrew is poking his right arm through the bars with a long stick, trying to wake him up, inadvertently causing the sharp pain in his right arm. Upon realizing he is awake, she stops poking him.

Ilgana tells Andrew that one of her unattractive maids will be down shortly to bring him dinner and toiletries. Ilgana and the 5 stunningly beautiful women then leave the dungeon. A few minutes later, as promised, one of Ilgana’s unattractive maids brings Andrew toiletries and his dinner. His dinner is a dead fish.