Escape from Ilgana’s Island

In an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world, there is a large island that is owned by a very wealthy woman named Ilgana. Ilgana lives in a very large castle on the island. Within the castle is a dungeon. Within the dungeon are many prison cells. All but one of the prison cells is devoid of people. The one cell that is not unoccupied is occupied by Ilgana’s sole prisoner, despicable person Andrew Squervil.

Andrew has been Ilgana’s prisoner for quite some time now. His imprisonment is the result of his most recent misadventure. Andrew became stranded at sea after being separated from a cruise ship he was on. Eventually, he washed up on this island. At first, the island seemed like some kind of wonderful paradise to Andrew, particularly due to the fact that the island’s population is made up almost entirely of stunningly beautiful women. Andrew, who is very good at seducing beautiful women, thought that he would very much enjoy his stay on the island. However, before Andrew could have had the opportunity to indulge in the carnal delights that the island has to offer, he was imprisoned by Ilgana, the ruler of the island. Now, instead of spending his days seducing stunningly beautiful women, Andrew spends his days sitting in his cell and surviving on a steady diet of dead fish and water that his captor was providing him to survive.

At nights, Andrew sleeps, but not soundly. This is due to a recurring nightmare he has in which he is having an intimate encounter with a woman from his past named Pustilla. Pustilla is the girlfriend of Andrew’s friend Martin. Andrew does not like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive, but, for reasons not related to love nor lust, he was carrying on an affair with her, unbeknownst to Martin. Andrew hated being with Pustilla. He vows to himself that, if he ever escapes from his current situation, he will have dalliances with only women he finds attractive.

Andrew has not seen Ilgana since the first day of his imprisonment. Since then, his only visitors have been Ilgana’s unattractive female maids, who only visit him when they are bringing him food, toiletries, and other such things.

One evening, Ilgana’s unattractive maid Gorla delivers Andrew’s dinner to him. As she is leaving the dungeon, Gorla, who usually never speaks to Andrew during her visits, tells Andrew that he looks quite handsome today. From that comment, Andrew concludes that Gorla has become infatuated with him. That does not surprise Andrew, as many, many women have become infatuated with him over the years. Andrew comes to the sinking realization that Gorla might be his only way to escape from his prison; that he will have to charm Gorla into helping him escape; that he will have to feign attraction to Gorla, who he finds disgusting.

So Andrew begins conversing with Gorla whenever she is visiting the dungeon to bring him food, toiletries, and other such things. At first, Gorla is quite weary of Andrew, and with good reason, but over time she becomes more and more susceptible to Andrew’s manipulative behavior, becoming more and more infatuated with him. One day, while Gorla is visiting Andrew, Andrew initiates a kiss between him and Gorla through his prison cell’s metal bars. It is an unpleasant experience for Andrew, but he feels it is a necessary part of his escape plan. He only hopes that his relationship with Gorla won’t have to get any more intimate than that in order to achieve his goal of escaping.

Following the kiss, Andrew tells Gorla that he is in love with her. This certainly isn’t the first time that Andrew pretended to be in love with a woman in order to achieve an ulterior motive.

“I love you too, Andrew,” Gorla says. “I love you so much.”

Andrew then convinces Gorla that it is in her best interests to help him escape from his prison; that if she releases him from the prison cell, they could then flee from the island together and get married and live happily ever after together. Gorla knows that helping Andrew escape would ruin her working relationship with Ilgana, of whom she has been working for for quite some time now. Gorla knows that helping Andrew escape would mean the end of her job as Ilgana’s maid and the end of her life on the island, which she quite enjoys. But Gorla’s feelings for Andrew are too strong to resist. So, during an evening, while Ilgana is asleep, Gorla steals Ilgana’s key to Andrew’s cell, and then releases Andrew from his cell, and then, using a stolen speedboat, flees from the island with Andrew, out to the ocean.

As Gorla is driving the speedboat away, with Andrew standing next to her, she looks back at the island sadly, thinking about how much she has sacrificed for Andrew. But then she looks at Andrew and becomes convinced that it was all worth it.

Then Andrew looks back at the island sadly. He thinks about the many, many stunningly beautiful women on the island who he never got an opportunity to seduce. He knows that, had he stayed on the island after being freed by Gorla, he would have just gotten re-imprisoned by Ilgana. But he still can’t help feeling a sense of loss.

Andrew then turns to Gorla, who is smiling at him lovingly. Andrew does not think she is useful to him anymore, so he pushes her off of the speedboat, into the ocean, then begins driving the speedboat far, far away. Andrew presumes that, after Gorla realizes Andrew has really abandoned her and isn’t coming back, she will have no choice but to swim back to the island and run the risk of facing Ilgana’s wrath. Andrew imagines a scenario that he finds funny. In the imagined scenario, Ilgana wakes up in the morning, then finds out Andrew is gone, then finds more than enough evidence illustrating Gorla’s involvement with the escape, then punishes Gorla by imprisoning her in the dungeon. The thought of Gorla imprisoned in Andrew’s former prison cell amuses Andrew greatly.

Then, in the very early morning, after Andrew is much, much farther away from the island, too far to swim back, the speedboat capsizes, causing Andrew to fall into the ocean. Then the speedboat sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

A few minutes later, Andrew, who is desperately trying to stay afloat, sees another speedboat going by. The driver of the speedboat is a married man who is on vacation with his wife. Standing next to the man is his wife, and standing next to his wife is Gorla, who the married couple found and rescued from the ocean. Andrew is waving for help, trying to get their attention. Neither the man nor his wife have noticed Andrew, but Gorla has noticed him. However, instead of pointing Andrew out to the married couple, Gorla keeps quiet. The speedboat moves farther and farther away from Andrew, taking Gorla to her new life, whatever that will be.

And so Andrew is once again stranded at sea.