Upcoming Cruise

One day, Martin Pimbly has a surprise for his girlfriend Pustilla, who he shares an apartment with. The surprise is that Martin purchased himself and Pustilla 2 tickets for a 3-week cruise. The cruise will take place on a very large, very fancy ship. On the cruise, the ship will take its guests to an ocean located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world.

Upon learning of Martin’s surprise, Pustilla is thrilled, as she has never been on a cruise before.

Upon learning that Martin and Pustilla are going to be away on a cruise for 3 weeks, Martin’s friend Andrew Squervil is also thrilled, but for a different reason. Currently, Martin and Pustilla are letting Andrew live in their apartment for free. This is the best living option currently available to Andrew, who is unemployed and nearly broke. Andrew, who is a despicable person, wants to continue living there until he achieves his goal of marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman for her money. Unbeknownst to Martin, Andrew has been carrying on an affair with Pustilla. Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive, but he wants her to have incentive to not evict him from the apartment. For that reason, he has been carrying on the affair with her. Andrew hates being with Pustilla, which is why he is thrilled that Martin and Pustilla will be away on the cruise for 3 weeks. For Andrew, any time apart from Pustilla is welcome, and 3 whole weeks apart from Pustilla is more than welcome.

But then, some time before the cruise, Pustilla, who doesn’t want to be apart from Andrew for 3 whole weeks, encourages Martin to purchase a third ticket for the cruise, so that Andrew can come with them on the cruise. Pustilla tells Martin that it will be a nice gesture of friendship. Martin, who is an oblivious idiot who always does whatever Pustilla asks of him, purchases a third cruise ticket for Andrew.

Later, Martin and Pustilla surprise Andrew with the news that he will be going on the cruise with them. Andrew smiles, although what he really wants to do is scream.