Currently, formerly rich person Andrew Squervil is on a cruise. The cruise is taking place on a very large ship. The ship has taken its guests to an ocean located in an exotic, largely uncharted part of the world.

Also on the cruise are Andrew’s friend Martin Pimbly and Martin’s girlfriend Pustilla. Andrew is currently living in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. Martin and Pustilla are allowing Andrew to live there for free. Unbeknownst to Martin, Andrew has been carrying on an affair with Pustilla. Andrew doesn’t like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive. He has only been carrying on the affair with her because he wants her to have incentive to not evict him from the apartment.

Andrew, who was deservedly stripped of his wealthy status as a result of a lawsuit, desperately wants to be rich again. Thus far, he has been unsuccessful in achieving that goal.

Andrew is not having a good time on the cruise. Every night thus far, after Martin fell asleep, Pustilla took the opportunity to carry on her affair with Andrew.

However, Andrew’s cruise experience becomes slightly less unpleasant when he meets a beautiful woman named Zana. Zana is also a guest on the cruise. At first, Andrew thinks Zana is married because of the diamond ring she is wearing on her left hand. But, as he learns from her, she is recently divorced.

Later, in the room that Zana is staying in, Andrew completes his seduction of her. It was a particularly good experience for Andrew, as it helped him rid the horrible taste of Pustilla from his mouth.

Andrew is aware that Zana has developed strong feelings for him. Andrew doesn’t feel the same way about Zana though. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He views Zana as nothing more than a source of gratification. He intends to continue having his fun with her for the remainder of the cruise, then end their relationship when the cruise is over.

One evening, a few days before the cruise is to end, Andrew and Zana are taking a romantic stroll along the outside part of the ship.

“I’ve fallen in love with you, Andrew,” Zana says.

“And I’ve fallen in love with you, Zana,” Andrew says, lying.

Zana shows Andrew the diamond ring she is wearing. She tells Andrew that this ring was given to her by her now-ex-husband Frederick when he proposed to her. Zana tells Andrew that Frederick is a very, very rich man. Zana tells Andrew that, prior to getting married, Frederick had Zana sign a prenuptial agreement, which said that she would not get to keep any of his money should they ever get divorced. Zana tells Andrew that this diamond ring that Frederick bought her is the only thing from her marriage that she got to keep after it ended. Zana tells Andrew that the ring is absurdly valuable; that it is a very rare artifact from an ancient, fallen empire; that Frederick purchased the ring from a museum for a considerable amount of money, nearly half of his fortune. She tells Andrew that there are various museums that would gladly purchase the ring from her for even more money than Frederick paid for it. Zana tells Andrew that she knew that it would be sensible of her to sell the ring to one of the museums so that she would be rich again, but that she was conflicted about doing so, as she felt that being rich made her into a very horrible, self-absorbed person, and that she doesn’t want to go back to being that way; but that she didn’t know if she would ever be able to have a happy life without being rich. Zana tells Andrew that her time with him these last few days resolved this conflict for her; that Andrew made her realize that she doesn’t need to be rich to find happiness; that Andrew can provide her with more happiness than any amount of money. Before Andrew has an opportunity to react to all this new information, Zana takes off her ring and throws it into the ocean.

Andrew is stunned. He realizes that a very valuable ring that he could sell to a museum to become rich again has just been thrown into the ocean.

“I love you, Andrew,” Zana says, closing her eyes and leaning in to kiss him.

Andrew jumps off the ship, into the ocean, hoping to retrieve the ring.

He is frantically swimming around in the ocean, desperately trying to find the ring. But he can’t find it.

Then, as if the ocean is conspiring against him, rapid, massive waves begin moving him further and further away from the ship, until it is nowhere in sight.

And that was how Andrew got stranded at sea.