Unrequited Love

Feeling determined, Igbert enters a pizzeria, carrying red roses that he purchased from the flower store across the street.

In the pizzeria, a woman named Londra is standing behind the counter. Londra works at the pizzeria as a cashier.

Upon seeing that Igbert had entered the pizzeria, Londra frowns. “Oh, Igbert,” she says. “How many times must we go through this?”

“As many times as it takes to get you to agree to go out with me,” Igbert says.

“I’ve already made it quite clear to you that I’m not interested in you,” Londra says. “I don’t find you attractive, and I think you’re a loser.”

“I know,” Igbert says. “But I don’t give up easily.” He extends the roses to her. “I bought you some more roses.”

Londra looks at the roses with the same expression of displeasure one might have when looking at a dog turd. She takes the roses from Igbert, then drops them into a nearby waste basket. “Go away, Igbert,” she says.

Igbert leaves the pizzeria, feeling defeated.