The Hypnotistress

Currently, formerly rich person Andrew Squervil is living in the apartment of his friend Martin Pimbly and Martin’s girlfriend Pustilla. It is the best living option currently available to Andrew. Unbeknownst to Martin, Andrew has been carrying on an affair with Pustilla. Pustilla initiated the affair. Andrew does not like Pustilla, nor does he find her attractive, but he wants to keep her happy so she won’t evict him from the apartment. Andrew hates being with Pustilla. He hoped that it would get easier over time, but it hasn’t. Before this affair began, Andrew never got intimately involved with women he didn’t find attractive. In fact, Andrew has a long history of seducing many, many beautiful women on a regular basis. For Andrew, to go from that to an affair with Pustilla is like going from eating only the finest foods on a regular basis to eating vomit.

Andrew tries to console himself with the idea that this situation between him and Pustilla is only temporary; that he will someday find a better living option and thus won’t need to provide gratification to Pustilla anymore; that he will someday be free of Pustilla.

One afternoon, upon the recommendation of Martin, Andrew goes to see a female hypnotist, also known as a hypnotistress. Martin received the hypnotistress’ services a week earlier. One of the hypnotistress’ many abilities is that, through hypnosis, she can manipulate the subconscious part of a client’s mind so that the client will forever after have a specific recurring dream whenever they are asleep. The hypnotistress has caused many of her clients to have pleasant recurring dreams as requested by the clients. The recurring dreams the hypnotistress creates for her clients usually have to do with some kind of wish fulfillment. In Martin’s case, the hypnotistress, per Martin’s request and unbeknownst to Pustilla, caused Martin to have a permanently recurring dream in which he is having an intimate encounter with a beautiful, famous female celebrity named Lililalaya. Andrew finds Lililalaya very attractive and thus wants to have a similar recurring dream involving him and her.

Andrew meets the hypnotistress at her place of business. Andrew immediately notices that the hypnotistress is a very attractive woman. He decides that he will try to seduce her after their business transaction has concluded.

The hypnotistress’ name is Ursula. Unbeknownst to Andrew, he met Ursula on a previous occasion. Also unbeknownst to Andrew, he already seduced Ursula on that previous occasion. It is not unusual that Andrew does not recall his previous encounter with Ursula. He has seduced so many women over the years that it is inevitable that he doesn’t remember all of them. Although Andrew does not remember his previous encounter with Ursula, she remembers it very well, including the part where Andrew told her that he didn’t want anything more to do with her now that he had completed his seduction of her.

At the moment, Ursula is very pleased that Andrew does not remember her. Instead of reminding Andrew of their past together, she asks Andrew what services he wants from her. Andrew tells her of his desire to have a permanently recurring dream in which he is having an intimate encounter with the beautiful, famous female celebrity Lililalaya.

Ursula proceeds to hypnotize Andrew.

Some time later, Ursula frees Andrew from her hypnotic spell. Andrew asks her if she gave him the dream he asked for. It is then that Ursula tells Andrew about her previous encounter with him. Then, with malicious glee, Ursula reveals to Andrew that, while he was under her hypnotic spell, she manipulated the subconscious part of his mind so that he will have a permanently recurring dream in which he is re-experiencing his most unpleasant memory. Ursula then tells Andrew to remove himself from her place of business. Andrew leaves Ursula’s place of business, feeling very worried and hearing Ursula’s laughter behind him.

Later, in the late evening, Andrew falls asleep on the couch in Martin and Pustilla’s apartment. While Andrew is sleeping, he begins to have a terrible, terrible nightmare in which he is having an intimate encounter with Pustilla. Although it is just a nightmare, it feels just as awful as Andrew’s real-life intimate encounters with Pustilla.

After having this nightmare for what seems like a near-eternity, Andrew wakes up, sweating profusely. He realizes that the nightmare he had is the permanently recurring dream Ursula gave him. He realizes that he will now have this dream whenever he is asleep. He realizes that, now, no matter what he does, he will never be free of Pustilla.