Moth and Flame

There is a man named Williger. Williger is employed as a writer for a very successful magazine company. He is engaged to the daughter of the magazine company’s owner. Williger’s relationship with the owner’s daughter has been very beneficial to Williger, both financially and career-wise.

Today, Williger is traveling to a mansion that belongs to a very beautiful, very famous, very rich female celebrity named Lililalaya. Lililalaya is a supermodel and an actress and a songstress. She agreed to grant an exclusive interview to the magazine that Williger works for, hence Williger’s reason for traveling to Lililalaya’s mansion today. Thanks to Williger’s relationship with the daughter of the magazine company’s owner, Williger was chosen from among the magazine’s many writers to conduct the exclusive interview with Lililalaya.

Williger arrives at Lililalaya’s mansion. As Williger’s arrival was expected, one of Lililalaya’s many maids lets Williger into the mansion. In the mansion, the maid leads Williger upstairs, into Lililalaya’s bedroom, where Lililalaya wants the interview to take place for some reason. Other than Williger and the maid, Lililalaya’s bedroom is devoid of people. The maid says that Lililalaya is currently doing her morning swim in her in-ground pool elsewhere in her mansion. The maid says that Lililalaya will join him in the bedroom shortly. The maid exits Lililalaya’s bedroom, leaving Williger alone in Lililalaya’s bedroom.

A few minutes later, Lililalaya enters her bedroom. Though Williger has seen Lililalaya many, many times in movies and in music videos and on magazine covers, this is his first time seeing Lililalaya in person. Williger finds her even more beautiful in person. He is overwhelmed by her beauty.

Williger begins to conduct the interview with Lililalaya. At first, the interview is going unremarkably. However, Lililalaya then begins making flirtatious comments to Williger.

A few hours later, Lililalaya has convinced Williger to become her live-in boyfriend and to dump his fiancee and to quit his job at the magazine company. Williger quits his job via telephone. Williger then dumps his fiancee, also via telephone. Then Williger begins his new life as Lililalaya’s live-in boyfriend.

However, a few hours later, Lililalaya has become bored with Williger. She dumps him, then has her maids forcibly remove him from the mansion.