At the Gym

Before formerly rich person Andrew Squervil was stripped of his status as a rich person, he became a member of a gym that is located in the very upper-class neighborhood that Andrew used to live in. Because of the gym’s location, many of the gym’s members are rich people. Andrew, whose membership with the gym is still in effect, noticed that many of the gym’s members are rich, beautiful, single women. Andrew has a goal to become rich again. He plans to accomplish this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman, thereby gaining access to her fortune. For that reason, he has been visiting the gym quite often lately, hoping to meet a rich single woman that he could potentially con into a marriage.

One afternoon, while Andrew is at the gym, he notices 2 women walking on treadmills next to each other. The 2 women are conversing with each other. Andrew presumes that the 2 women are friends with each other. One of the women is a petite blonde. The other woman is a very tall, very muscular brunette. Andrew finds both women attractive, but he is more interested in wooing the blonde, as he thinks the brunette looks quite unfriendly, whereas he thinks the blonde looks quite sociable, and therefore easier for him to seduce.

Andrew approaches the blonde. He begins talking to her, trying to seduce her. He is quite good at seducing women. It is one of the few things he is actually good at.

However, Andrew has made a terrible mistake in his interpretation of the relationship between the blonde and the brunette. The 2 women are not friends with each other. The 2 women are in a committed, romantic relationship with each other. The blonde explains this to Andrew while the brunette, who has been angrily watching Andrew trying to seduce her girlfriend, gets off of the treadmill. The brunette proceeds to pummel Andrew mercilessly.