A Mutually Beneficial Living Arrangement

For the first 29 years of his life, Andrew Squervil was very rich. However, as a result of a lawsuit against him, Andrew was recently stripped of nearly all of his money and all of his assets, including his mansion. Because of this occurrence, Andrew is now in need of an inexpensive place to stay at.

The attorney who represented Andrew in the lawsuit against him is a beautiful married woman named Velaina. Velaina is married to a man named Karl. Unbeknownst to Karl, Velaina cheated on Karl with Andrew. Velaina, who very much wants to continue her affair with Andrew, invites Andrew to move into her and Karl’s house. Velaina justifies this invitation to Karl by telling Karl that it is her way of apologizing to Andrew for failing him so badly in the lawsuit against him. Of course, Velaina doesn’t really feel guilty about how the lawsuit turned out for Andrew. She knows that Andrew is a selfish, despicable person who got what he deserved. But nevertheless, Velaina finds Andrew attractive. The real reason that Velaina invited Andrew to move into her and Karl’s house was so that she will be able to have frequent access to Andrew.

Andrew moves into Velaina and Karl’s house, as it is the best living option available to Andrew at this time. Velaina and Karl’s house is a very nice place to live in, even though it isn’t nearly as nice as the mansion Andrew used to live in. And, of all the living options currently available to Andrew, this is the only one that will allow him to have frequent access to a beautiful woman. So this new living arrangement is beneficial to both Andrew and Velaina.

Karl, however, does not find this new living arrangement beneficial. He dislikes Andrew immensely. He dislikes the idea of a sleazy loser living in his and his wife’s house for free. He also dislikes the fact that Andrew, who is unemployed, doesn’t seem to have any intention of finding a job so that he will eventually be able to support himself and move out of Karl and Velaina’s house. Also, Karl has a growing suspicion that the relationship between Andrew and Velaina is not platonic.

Karl is right to have this suspicion. After Andrew moved into Karl and Velaina’s house, Velaina very quickly got into the habit of carrying on her affair with Andrew at every opportunity.

Often, on days that Velaina and Karl are scheduled to work at their respective workplaces, Velaina will take the afternoon off so that she can return to the house and carry on her affair with Andrew while Karl is still away at his workplace.

Velaina and Karl are letting Andrew use the house’s guest bedroom as his bedroom. The guest bedroom is located next to Velaina and Karl’s bedroom, much to Velaina’s convenience, as Velaina often visits Andrew in the guest bedroom at nights while Karl is asleep.

But the best opportunities for Velaina to cheat on Karl with Andrew occur whenever Karl is away on business trips. Karl’s job requires that Karl go on business trips quite often. These trips usually cause Karl to be far, far away from the house and Velaina and Andrew for several days. Whenever another one of Karl’s business trips is upcoming, Velaina counts down the days remaining until Karl’s departure, lovingly crossing out each passing day on her calendar.

Sometimes, while Andrew is in the guest bedroom, he overhears the sounds of Velaina and Karl arguing with each other very loudly in their bedroom. Because of the thickness of the wall between the 2 bedrooms, Andrew can never hear specifically what Velaina and Karl are arguing about, but Andrew has no doubt that his presence in the house is the cause of the arguments. Andrew is fully aware that his presence in the house is causing Karl and Velaina’s marriage to deteriorate. Of course, Andrew isn’t bothered by the fact that he is ruining a marriage. It is just something that he is aware of.

Eventually, Velaina and Karl get a divorce. As a result of the divorce, Velaina gets to keep the vast majority of money and assets that she and Karl shared as a married couple. Among the assets that Velaina gets to keep is the house. So now Karl is gone from the house, and only Velaina and Andrew are living in the house. It is around this time that Andrew realizes that Velaina, despite her low opinion of Andrew, has come to think of him as her boyfriend, and expects him to be faithful to her. Andrew doesn’t dispute this expectation, as he knows that doing that might make her angry with him. He wants to keep her happy with him so that she will continue letting him live in her house for free.

Since Andrew lost nearly all of his money and all of his assets, it has been his goal to become rich again. Andrew intends to accomplish this goal by marrying a rich, preferably beautiful woman. Unbeknownst to Velaina, on nights that she is stuck at her workplace very late or out somewhere with her female friends, Andrew visits a very exclusive nightclub whose clientele is primarily rich people. Andrew became a regular patron of the nightclub when he was still rich. The nightclub’s staff members are all familiar with Andrew. The staff members are all unaware that Andrew is no longer rich, so they have been continuing to allow him into the nightclub. Many of the nightclub’s clientele are rich, beautiful, single women. Whenever Andrew is visiting the nightclub, he attempts to seduce rich, beautiful, single women, with the intention of eventually conning one of these women into a marriage, thereby gaining access to her fortune. Although Andrew has been successful in seducing many of these rich, beautiful, single women, he has thus far been unable to con any of them into marrying him. Thus far, all of the rich, beautiful, single women he cheated on Velaina with were not interested in having any kind of a long-term relationship with him. But Andrew is certain that if he continues to pursue his goal, he will eventually be successful in marrying a rich woman for her money. But as that goal has not been completed thus far, he intends to continue living in Velaina’s house for the time being, as it is still the best living option currently available to him for various reasons, including: that Velaina’s house is a very nice place to live in, much nicer than most non-rich people’s houses; that Andrew is getting to live there for free; that living there allows him to have frequent access to Velaina; and that, because of Velaina’s very time-consuming job and Velaina’s frequent outings with her female friends, Andrew has plenty of opportunities to cheat on Velaina with other beautiful women and pursue his goal of marrying a rich woman for her money. For all of those reasons, Andrew needs his current living arrangement with Velaina to remain intact for the time being.

Initially, Karl’s absence from the house was not having any detrimental effect on Velaina and Andrew’s relationship. Velaina was happy that she no longer had to carry on her relationship with Andrew in secrecy. However, Velaina has been developing feelings of resentment toward Andrew. Now that Karl is gone, Velaina is the house’s only income earner. Velaina has begun to dislike the idea of a sleazy loser living in her house for free. She also is annoyed that Andrew has not expressed any interest in getting married to her.

One evening, Velaina comes home from work. Andrew is sitting on a couch in the house’s living room, watching television and eating potato chips. Velaina reveals to Andrew that she has been cheating on him with one of her male clients. She tells Andrew that this client is very rich and much more attractive than Andrew. She tells Andrew that the client asked her to marry him. She tells Andrew that she accepted the client’s marriage proposal. She tells Andrew that she wants nothing more to do with him. She tells Andrew to get out of her house immediately and never come back.

And that was how Andrew got evicted from Velaina’s house, and how Velaina became rich.