At the moment, Keeka is standing in the center of a very large park located in the very upper-class neighborhood that she lives in. There is a bullseye written on Keeka’s forehead. The bullseye was put there by a woman named Tabeeza, using ink that is very, very difficult to remove once applied.

It is a beautiful, sunny day, so there are many, many other people in the park. At the moment, most of the people in the park are watching Keeka.

A few feet away from Keeka are four very rich, very beautiful, very cruel women. Their names are Miona, Nella, Fawna, and Tabeeza. Near the four women is a large bag containing many, many tomatoes. At the moment, Miona, Nella, Fawna, and Tabeeza are taking turns throwing tomatoes at Keeka, with the target being Keeka’s face.

Miona, Nella, Fawna, and Tabeeza live in the same upper-class neighborhood that Keeka lives in. Miona, Nella, Fawna, and Tabeeza are members of an exclusive social clique known as the Swans. The Swans are very, very popular. All of the neighborhood’s other female residents want to be Swans. All of the neighborhood’s male residents want to be with the Swans.

Keeka wants to be a Swan. She craves all the things that come with being a Swan: power; popularity; being envied and resented by other women; being achingly desired by men; being able to look down on other people.

One of the Swans, Fawna, throws a tomato at Keeka. It hits Keeka in the face.

Currently, Keeka is a candidate for Swan membership. Candidates for Swan membership are usually referred to as Ducklings. However, for unspecified reasons, the Swans refer to Keeka as an Ugly Duckling.

One of the Swans, Miona, throws a tomato at Keeka. It misses Keeka.

“Oh, I missed!” Miona says.

Fawna hands Miona another tomato. “Don’t worry,” Fawna says. “You have plenty of more chances.”

Unfortunately for Keeka, Swan candidates have to go through a grueling, mandatory hazing process in order to become Swans. This hazing process involves lots and lots of torture from the Swans, and having to do whatever the Swans tell the candidate to do.

At the moment, Keeka is wearing a plastic pig nose over her real nose. As part of the hazing process, the Swans are making Keeka wear the plastic pig nose over her real nose at all times for an entire year. This has caused Keeka much humiliation, especially when the Swans made Keeka attend her high school reunion with the pig nose on.

Currently, Keeka has multiple pieces of chewed gum stuck in her hair. The gum was put there by Nella. Nella likes to chew gum, and she likes to stick her finished pieces of gum in Keeka’s hair.

Miona throws another tomato at Keeka. It hits Keeka in the face.

Miona is currently engaged to Keeka’s ex-boyfriend Blake. Although Miona finds Blake attractive, her only real motivation to get married to Blake is to torture Keeka, who is still very much in love with Blake.

Nella throws a tomato at Keeka. It hits Keeka in the face.

The Swans continue taking turns throwing tomatoes at Keeka for many, many hours while many other people continue watching Keeka, enjoying the spectacle, enjoying Keeka’s misery.

Keeka hates the Swans so much. She hopes to become a Swan soon.