Pig Nose

In a very upper-class neighborhood, there is a powerful social clique known as the Swans. The Swans consist of four of the neighborhood’s residents. They are all very rich, very tall, very beautiful women. Their names are Fawna, Miona, Nella, and Tabeeza.

The Swans are very popular. They influence the opinions and fashion styles of the neighborhood’s other residents. The Swans are always invited to the most exclusive parties. All the neighborhood’s other female residents want to be Swans. All the neighborhood’s male residents want to be with the Swans.

Keeka wants to be a Swan. She badly craves all the things that come with being a Swan: power; popularity; envy from others; resentment from others; and so on. Since moving to the neighborhood over a year ago, Keeka has been focused entirely on her goal to become a Swan.

Keeka is a candidate for Swan membership. Typically, the Swans refer to Swan candidates as Ducklings. However, for unspecified reasons, the Swans refer to Keeka as an Ugly Duckling.

Unfortunately for Keeka, Swan candidates have to go through a grueling, mandatory hazing process in order to become Swans. This hazing process involves lots and lots of torture from the Swans, and having to do whatever the Swans tell the candidate to do. Since Keeka became a candidate for Swan membership, the Swans have subjected Keeka to all kinds of horrible experiences.

For example, the Swans have been requiring Keeka to eat nothing but peanut butter for an entire year. As the Swans know, Keeka is highly allergic to peanut butter. Eating even just a small sliver of peanut butter could cause her entire body, including her face, to become very, very swollen. Eating nothing but peanut butter on a regular basis has caused Keeka to be perpetually swollen, and quite overweight as well.

But now, the peanut butter torture is at an end. As of today, Keeka has eaten nothing but peanut butter for an entire year.

Today, Keeka enters the mansion of one of the Swans, Fawna. The Swans told Keeka to meet them there, claiming that they have a surprise for her in relation to the conclusion of her year-long consumption of only peanut butter.

Keeka is very excited about this meeting. She suspects that she is going to be granted membership into the Swans at this meeting.

In Fawna’s mansion, Keeka enters the mansion’s parlor, where the Swans are all sitting. They have been waiting for Keeka.

One of the Swans, Miona, is holding a large, purple box. She gives the box to Keeka, then tells her to open it.

Keeka opens the box, expecting it to contain some kind of object symbolizing membership into the Swans.

Instead, the box contains a plastic pig nose.

Keeka is confused. The Swans are all smiling evilly.

Tabeeza says that the plastic pig nose is for Keeka; that, as part of the hazing process, the Swans are now going to require Keeka to wear the plastic pig nose over her real nose for an entire year.

“This was my idea,” Fawna says.

“The plastic pig nose is actually quite appropriate, given how pig-like you’ve become from eating all that peanut butter, Keeka,” Nella says.

The Swans all begin laughing cruelly at Keeka.

Keeka hates the Swans so much. Keeka slowly puts on the plastic pig nose over her real nose.