Gil is miserable. Ever since his rich girlfriend Keeka became a candidate for membership into a social clique known as the Swans, things have been happening to Keeka that are causing her, and by extension, Gil, much unhappiness.

The Swans consist of four very rich, very tall, very beautiful women named Tabeeza, Miona, Fawna, and Nella. They live in the same upper-class neighborhood that Keeka lives in.

The Swans are a very powerful social clique. The Swans influence the opinions and fashion styles of the neighborhood’s other residents. The Swans are always invited to the most exclusive parties. All the neighborhood’s other female residents want to be Swans. All the neighborhood’s male residents want to be with the Swans.

Keeka wants to be a Swan. She craves the power and popularity that comes with being a Swan. She wants to be envied and resented, much in the same way that she currently envies and resents the Swans.

Typically, the Swans refer to Swan candidates as Ducklings. However, for unspecified reasons, the Swans refer to Keeka as an Ugly Duckling.

Unfortunately for Keeka, candidates for Swan membership have to go through a grueling, mandatory hazing process in order to become Swans. This hazing process involves lots and lots of torture from the Swans, and having to do whatever the Swans tell the candidate to do.

Since the hazing process began, the Swans have been subjecting Keeka to all kinds of tortures. Many of these tortures have been affecting her boyfriend Gil adversely.

For example, as part of the hazing process, the Swans are allowing Keeka to eat nothing but peanut butter, which, as the Swans know, Keeka is highly allergic to. As the Swans intended, the peanut butter Keeka has been eating is causing her entire body, including her face, to be perpetually swollen. In addition, eating nothing but peanut butter on a daily basis has caused Keeka to gain a lot of weight. Prior to being subjected to the peanut butter torture, Keeka was only slightly plump, and, from Gil’s point of view, moderately attractive. However, Gil now finds Keeka quite unattractive. Her fat, swollen body seems monster-like to him. Having intimate encounters with her is now a torturous experience for Gil.

To make matters worse, it doesn’t seem that Keeka’s Swan membership candidacy is going to be ending any time soon. Gil suspects that the Swans do not really intend to make Keeka a Swan; that the Swans are just stringing Keeka along so they can go on torturing her for their amusement.

Keeka’s Swan membership candidacy has put quite a strain on Keeka and Gil’s relationship. Gil hates Keeka’s willingness to degrade herself in order to become a Swan. Keeka hates Gil’s assertions that the Swans are just stringing Keeka along.

If Gil didn’t truly love Keeka, he would have ended their relationship already.

The Swans are aware of Keeka and Gil’s relationship and are displeased by it.

One day, the Swans make Keeka send a letter from her to Gil telling Gil that she has been cheating on Gil with another man, and that she is now leaving Gil for this other, better-looking man, and that she does not want to see Gil or hear from him ever again.

These are all lies, of course. There is no other man in Keeka’s life. But Keeka sent the letter, destroying her relationship with Gil. Keeka wants to be a Swan so badly.