Peanut Butter

During a morning, in the very upper-class neighborhood that Keeka resides in, Keeka enters a mansion, mentally preparing herself for another day of misery.

The mansion that Keeka has entered belongs to a woman named Fawna. Fawna is very tall and very beautiful, unlike Keeka, who is short and plump.

Fawna is a member of a powerful social clique known as the Swans. The Swans consist of Fawna and three other very tall, very beautiful women whose names are Miona, Nella, and Tabeeza. The Swans are all rich residents of the neighborhood. The Swans are very, very popular and influential. The Swans are always invited to the most exclusive parties. The Swans influence the opinions and fashion styles of the neighborhood’s other residents. All the neighborhood’s other female residents want to be Swans. All the neighborhood’s male residents want to be with the Swans.

Keeka wants to be a Swan. She craves the popularity and power that comes with being a Swan. Currently, Keeka is a candidate for Swan membership. Typically, the Swans refer to Swan candidates as Ducklings. However, for unspecified reasons, the Swans refer to Keeka as an Ugly Duckling.

Unfortunately for Keeka, Swan membership candidates have to go through a mandatory hazing process in order to become Swans. This hazing process involves lots and lots of torture from the Swans and having to do whatever the Swans tell the candidate to do. Since Keeka’s Swan membership candidacy began, the Swans have subjected Keeka to many, many horrible experiences.

Keeka is in Fawna’s mansion this morning because the Swans told Keeka to come there, claiming that they have a surprise for her. Keeka is hoping that the Swans will tell Keeka that she has completed her seemingly never-ending candidacy and is now a Swan.

Alas, that is not the surprise the Swans have in store for Keeka.

Keeka enters the mansion’s parlor, where the Swans are all sitting and smiling evilly. The Swans have been waiting for Keeka.

Fawna is holding a red folder. She gives the folder to Keeka.

Keeka opens the folder. Inside the folder are copies of all her medical records for the past 5 years. Every embarrassing detail is there. Keeka is stunned. She doesn’t understand how and why the Swans obtained these records.

Fawna explains that it was her idea; that she thought it would be a good idea to know all Keeka’s most intimate details in order to tailor the hazing process specifically to her. Fawna says that she got the copies of Keeka’s medical records from Keeka’s current doctor, a male resident of the neighborhood. “He was so overwhelmed by my beauty that he provided me the documents without hesitation,” Fawna says.

Keeka notices that someone highlighted the parts of the medical records that note that she is highly allergic to peanuts. Keeka feels a horrible sense of dread. Eating even just one peanut could cause her entire body, including her face, to become very, very swollen.

From Fawna’s ultra-expensive purse, Fawna takes out a jar of peanut butter. She takes the jar’s lid off. She takes a very small amount of the peanut butter out of the jar with her finger, then sucks on her finger sensuously. She doesn’t have any allergies, unlike Keeka.

While the other Swans are looking on in amusement, Fawna removes more peanut butter from the jar with her finger, then holds her finger out to Keeka.

Keeka begs the Swans to not make her do this.

“If you don’t eat the peanut butter, your Swan membership candidacy will be terminated, Keeka,” Fawna says.

In response to that threat, Keeka immediately sucks the peanut butter off Fawna’s finger. Keeka wants to be a Swan so badly.

Fawna hands the jar to Keeka, then tells Keeka to eat all the remaining peanut butter. Keeka proceeds to do as she was told.

Keeka’s entire body, including her face, have already become quite swollen, much to the Swans’ amusement.

While Keeka is eating the peanut butter, Fawna says that, as part of the hazing process, the Swans are going to require Keeka to eat nothing but peanut butter for an entire year. Fawna says that the Swans have already arranged for a year’s supply of peanut butter to be delivered to Keeka’s home.

Keeka is devastated, not just because she will have to endure this peanut butter torture for an entire year, but also because of the knowledge that she will not get to become a Swan until at least a whole year from now.