Doglike Behavior

On Monday, Keeka wins the lottery. It is quite an exciting surprise for her.

Keeka didn’t even purchase the winning lottery ticket. It was a birthday gift from the co-worker Keeka shares a cubicle with in the massive office environment that she works in.

Keeka found out about her lottery win during an evening, in her studio apartment. The first person Keeka tells about her lottery win is her boyfriend Gil. Gil is quite happy for Keeka.

That evening, Keeka and Gil go to a very fancy restaurant to celebrate Keeka’s lottery win. The appetizers and main courses they have are delicious.

On Tuesday, Keeka quits her job, as her lottery win has made her extremely rich, thereby eliminating her need to work. Keeka is happy to be leaving her job behind. It was a mostly unsatisfactory experience for her. She did not achieve much professional success during her time there. She blames her now-former-boss for that, as he is a seedy womanizer who provides growth opportunities only to the female subordinates he finds attractive, a category that Keeka doesn’t fall under. Keeka resents him for never providing her with growth opportunities, and, more significantly, for not finding her attractive.

On Thursday, Keeka uses some of her newly-acquired wealth to purchase herself a mansion located in a very upper-class neighborhood. After moving into her mansion, Keeka looks at her new surroundings, feeling quite satisfied.

Then she hears the mansion’s doorbell being rung. Keeka answers the door.

Standing before her are four very tall, very beautiful women. The physical attractiveness of these four women make Keeka feel quite inferior, as she is short and plump.

The four tall, beautiful women introduce themselves to Keeka. The four tall, beautiful women’s names are Tabeeza, Fawna, Nella, and Miona.

“We noticed you moving in, and we are now here to welcome you to the neighborhood,” Fawna says. “We would like for you to have dinner with us at an exclusive restaurant nearby.”

Keeka feels an inexplicably strong desire to have dinner with these four women, but Gil is going to be coming by soon to pick Keeka up for a scheduled date. However, Keeka can’t bring herself to decline the four tall, beautiful women’s dinner invitation.

A few minutes later, Keeka and Miona and Fawna and Tabeeza and Nella are sitting at a table and having dinner in a very fancy, very exclusive restaurant. Keeka has never been in such a wonderful restaurant before. It is much nicer than the restaurant Gil intended to take her to tonight.

Miona tells Keeka that, like Keeka, Miona and Fawna and Tabeeza and Nella are rich residents of the neighborhood. Tabeeza tells Keeka that Tabeeza and Miona and Nella and Fawna are a powerful social clique known as the Swans. Nella says that the Swans control all significant events that occur in this neighborhood; that they influence the fashion styles and opinions of the neighborhood’s other residents; that the Swans are always invited to the most exclusive parties; that every woman who isn’t a Swan wants to be a Swan.

Already, Keeka wants to be a Swan. She wants to be popular. She wants to be invited to exclusive parties. She wants to be envied and resented by non-Swans. She wants power. She wants to be a Swan.

Keeka asks if she can join the Swans. The Swans laugh cruelly. Fawna says that Keeka isn’t the type of woman who would traditionally be considered for Swan membership; that Swan candidates are usually physically attractive, unlike Keeka.

Keeka can’t accept the rejection. She wants to be part of this elite group so badly. She begs and begs and begs to be granted membership into the Swans.

Fawna tells Keeka that the Swans need to discuss the matter further in private. Miona tells Keeka to go wait in the restaurant’s restroom for 5 minutes while the Swans speak in private. Keeka does as she was told.

5 minutes later, Keeka returns to the table. Nella tells Keeka that the Swans have made a decision: that they will allow Keeka to be a candidate for membership into the Swans. Tabeeza tells Keeka that Swan candidates are usually referred to as Ducklings. Miona tells Keeka that her designation will be Ugly Duckling. Fawna tells Keeka that, as part of Keeka’s Swan membership candidacy, Keeka will have to go through a grueling, mandatory hazing process, which will involve lots and lots of torture from the Swans. Fawna says that Keeka will have to do whatever the Swans tell Keeka to do during this hazing process. Keeka says that she will do whatever she needs to do to become a Swan.

Fawna tells Keeka to crawl around on her hands and knees and bark like a dog.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Keeka proceeds to do as she was told. In the crowded restaurant, Keeka is crawling around on her hands and knees and barking like a dog. The Swans are laughing cruelly. Fawna pours a glass of wine on Keeka’s head. Keeka continues crawling and barking, and the Swans continue laughing cruelly.

Elsewhere, outside of Keeka’s mansion, Gil is ringing the mansion’s doorbell repeatedly. Keeka forgot to cancel her date with Gil. Gil wonders why Keeka isn’t answering the door. Gil wonders where Keeka is.