Horrible Fiancee

As Seth is driving in his car on a traffic-free highway, he notices a man and a beautiful woman standing on the side of the road, trying to get Seth’s attention. The woman, along with the man that is with her, appear to be stranded. Seth normally never even considers picking up hitchhikers, but something about the woman makes him want to pull over.

As Seth stops his car by the woman and her male companion, Seth briefly notices that her male companion has a miserable, defeated expression on his face. Seth will think about it quite often years later, whenever he sees that same miserable, defeated expression when looking into a mirror.

The woman leans into Seth’s car. She asks Seth if he could give her and her fiance a ride to the nearby airport. Seth agrees to do so.

A few minutes later, Seth is driving his car to the nearby airport, with the woman and her fiance sitting in the back of the car.

The woman’s fiance seems very angry and has not expressed any gratitude to Seth for the ride.

The woman introduces herself to Seth. Her name is Vora. She says that she and her fiance are going to get married tomorrow in her hometown, in a very big wedding ceremony with all her friends and family members in attendance. Vora says that she and her fiance are heading to the airport to take a flight to her hometown for the wedding.

Seth makes the fatal mistake of asking Vora and her fiance how they got stranded on the side of the road.

Before Vora’s fiance can speak, Vora begins telling Seth the story of how that incident occurred, frequently referring to her fiance as an idiot and other derogatory terms while telling the story. Vora and her fiance were taking a taxi to the airport when an initially harmless conversation between her fiance and the taxi driver about the weather had mutated into a heated argument about a controversial subject. The taxi driver was so offended by Vora’s fiance’s viewpoint on the subject that he stopped his taxi on the highway and evicted Vora and her fiance from the taxi and drove off, leaving Vora and her fiance stranded until Seth came along.

After telling the story, Vora continues to berate her fiance mercilessly. She loudly laments about how horrible it will be for her to be married to such a loser. She says that she wishes she were engaged to one of her ex-boyfriends instead. As Vora continues to berate her fiance, Seth realizes that perhaps her fiance isn’t such a lucky guy after all; and that perhaps being single isn’t as bad as Seth previously thought on many lonely occasions.

Suddenly, Vora’s fiance snaps: he tells Seth to stop the car. Seth stops the car. Vora’s fiance tells Vora that he is done with her; that he is calling off their engagement and does not want to ever see her again. He gets out of Seth’s car and begins walking away, in the opposite direction of where Seth was driving to.

Both Seth and Vora expect Vora’s now-ex-fiance to turn around and come back, but he never does, and now is completely out of sight. Eventually, Seth and Vora both realize that Vora’s now-ex-fiance really isn’t coming back.

Vora begins screaming at Seth. She says that this is all his fault; that had he not asked about how she and her fiance got stranded, she would still be engaged. Vora says that she is supposed to be getting married tomorrow in front of all her friends and family members in a big wedding ceremony; and that now she is going to be humiliated tomorrow instead, all because of Seth’s stupidity. Seth tries to apologize to Vora, but Vora tells him that his apologies are worthless; that he has to figure out a way to fix the problem that he created for her.

And that was how Seth ended up getting married to Vora.