During an evening, a beautiful woman named Darlene is visiting her married female friend Nancy at the newly purchased house of Nancy and her husband Steven. Steven is not in the house, as he is away on an out-of-country business trip. At the moment, Nancy is giving Darlene a tour of the house, as it is Darlene’s first time there.

“It’s too bad Steven isn’t here,” Nancy says. “He would have been so happy to see you. He’s quite fond of you.”

“And I’m quite fond of Steven,” Darlene says.

Nancy leads Darlene into Nancy and Steven’s bedroom.

“This is the bedroom,” Nancy says.

In the bedroom, Nancy and Steven’s bed is against a wall. A very large framed photograph is hanging on that wall, directly overlooking the bed. The photograph is of Nancy and Darlene. In the photograph, they are on a beach. In the photograph, Nancy is standing in the distant background, barely visible. In the photograph, Darlene is standing in the immediate foreground, featured quite prominently. In the photograph, Darlene is wearing a very revealing bikini, and her perfect, shapely, sexy body is very, very visible.

Nancy notices that Darlene is looking at the photograph. “Do you remember that day that you, me, and Steven were at the beach together?” Nancy says.

“Yes, I remember,” Darlene says. “We all had a lot of fun that day.”

“That’s Steven’s favorite picture of me,” Nancy says. “It was his idea to hang the photograph there. He stares at it quite often. And he keeps a smaller version of it in his wallet.”

“I can see why Steven likes this photograph so much,” Darlene says. “You look so pretty in it.”

“I know!” Nancy says. “I really like how my hair looks in that picture. Do you want to see the kitchen?”

“Okay!” Darlene says.

They exit the bedroom.